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10 Best Hidden Beaches In Bali To Explore Its Treasure

10 Best Hidden Beaches In Bali

Explore these remote beaches in Bali, from the isolated shores of sand around the bay, which is also renowned for being home to a range of the world-class surf breaks and stunning islands which are less explored  along the Bali’s western and eastern coastline. Mostly isolated, these gorgeous strips of white sandy shores usually are difficult to reach, but which usually pays off great with stunning views of the beach.

The usual desolated turfs of these beaches feature a magnificent picturesque bird’s-eye views from the hill tops and picture perfect views from the shore. These magical and almost secret shores in Bali is an excellent spot for spending the entire day with your loved ones. The best part is that you can jump to your private stretch of heaven within barely an hour or two from the popular areas such as Kuta and nearby places. With a passion for adventure, a set of wheels and accurate maps to navigate you, you can explore some of  Bali’s coastal treasures that will make you come back for more.

10 Best Hidden Beaches In Bali To Explore Its Treasure

1. The Magical Yeh Leh Beach

Best Hidden Beaches in Bali - Yeh Leh Beach

Located on the west coast of Bali is Yeh Leh Beach, it deserves a visit if you are bored of the endless stretch of white sandy shores. Unlike regular Balinese beaches, Yeh Leh Beach is scattered with numerous tiny boulders which are part of an everlasting cycle where they are engulfed by algae only to be scrubbed clean by the wrecking waves. The boulders have transpired on this shores for centuries and as an outcome, the rocks have been smoothened by the destructive nature of the waves. The rock puddles formed on the beach are astonishingly clear and many tiny sea creatures get caught in the low tide and display a diverse range of tiny marine life. If feasible, spend quality time on the beach till sunset and marvel at the sun ray beaming off the glittering rocks will make your visit an unforgettable one.

2. Rediscover Solitude at Gunung Payung Beach

Best Hidden Beaches in Bali - Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung Beach, locally known as Pantai Gunung Payung, is one of the most secluded beaches on Bali’s southern shoreline, where you can rediscover solitude and tranquility enhanced by the stunning views of the sea. While the striking sandy beach is not so broad and rather a garden of grass flutters gently in the wind near the ocean. The location grasps its title from a Balinese Hindu temple that is found high up on the hill where travelers can visit before heading down to the beach. It nearly takes an half-hour drive to Kutuh village from Nusa Dua to reach the beach. The remoteness and energy needed to explore the beach keep it unharmed by visitors. The natural reefs surrounding the shore are calm and swimmable. Also, midday trips to the beach are advised when the sea is translucent and the waters are warmer.

3. Surf the Lonely Waves of Green Bowl Beach

Best Hidden Beaches in Bali - Green Bowl Beach

Another south Bali treasure, Green Bowl Beach was destined to grace itself as one of the largest tourist attraction in Bali, but since the nearby resorts and hotels were obliterated, Green Bowl Beach has lingered off the intended path. Locating the beach can be difficult as it resides at the edge of some small, rustic roads, and once you do locate its spot there are yet hundreds of sheer solid steps to reach the beach.  A tiny 30m seaside strip with common white sand draws only adventurous weekenders and hardcore surfers commanding its furious waves and remote location. The lush green tropical forest surrounding the shore houses two magnificent limestone caves that are enclosed by tiny rock shrines, providing shelter and shade for beach lovers and surfers. The verdant cliffs are home to numerous tropical beasts like renowned gray long-tailed macaques, which are less cheeky than their Uluwatu cousins next door.

4. The Only Beach on the list which burns your pocket – Karma Beach

Best Hidden Beaches in Bali - Karma Beach

Karma Beach is one of the extraordinary places where you’ll have to pay a price to encounter Bali’s virgin natural beauty. Karma Beach Bali is a section of Karma Kandara’s main beverage and food outlets and entertainment hotspots, set out as Bali’s most elite beach club. The club boasts an alang-alang grass rooftop and a lifted bamboo terrace, where guests can relish the refinements of an isolated beach and lagoon. The beach club’s poshness, though common guests are also invited, is further backed by a single access through a special funicular, which transports patrons to the venue 100 meters beneath the limestone cliff face. Karma Beach Bali is considered as one of the best spots for beach picnics, activities, and watersports in the region.

5. Be topless at Geger Beach

Best Hidden Beaches in Bali - Geger Beach

Nusa Dua is mostly renowned for its 5 stars hotels, exclusive restaurants, and shopping outlets. However, have you noticed that there is hidden white sandy beach titled Geger, known for its topless sunbathing experience, the beach offers a fascinating and isolated environment with calm sparkling blue waters and golden sand? Geger Beach is situated on the eastern shore of the Bukit cape where the sunrises are enchanting and all day long you can experience swimming and snorkeling or sunbath. Geger Beach also has a series of restaurants to keep you revived and tourists seeking local souvenirs can battle in some trade.

6. Marvel at the Waterfall at Melasti

Best Hidden Beaches in Bali - Melasti

This newly opened beach, with recently expanded roadways, is right beside the corner of the Banyan Tree Ungasan. The beach is governed by its rugged limestone characteristic, but sea landscapes are great. The unique features of this beach are that it doesn’t actually have a stretch of sandy shore unlike other popular beaches in the region. Rather, a manmade causeway with a striking 200m waterfall drizzling water out into the puddle offers some extraordinary views, notably at sunset against the impressive edges of the rugged cliffs. Due to its isolated location, You’ll be shielded from the crowd as the beach is one of Bali’s unknown destinations until today.

7. Visit the beach with many names- Pasir Putih

Best Hidden Beaches in Bali - Pasir Putih

If you are seeking to get far of the congested beaches like Kuta and Sanur in the south, then this shoreline is for you. Pasir Putih Beach in East Bali is one of the retreat’s hidden secrets. Despite its distant position, this beach earned fame of being called by numerous nicknames, such as Perasi Beach, White Sand Beach, Virgin Beach, and Hidden Beach. The screened coast of Pasir Putih Beach extends between two hills connecting the hamlets of Bugbug and Perasi. With adequate space for motorbikes and cars to rest beneath the shadow of coconut trees. The natural expanse of sand with fabulous views of the tiny craggy islet of Gili Biaha on the horizon. A unique blend of rocks in the sand beside the hills and white sand striped with black is a stunning spot for a day out.

8. A mystery beyond Bali – Dream beach

Best Hidden Beaches in Bali - Dream beach

Although this beach is not on Bali, Dream beach on nearby Nusa Lembongan which itself is a stop for the adventurous, the Dream beach is spotted with numerous sandy lagoons that add additional aloofness to your getaway.  The beach dwells on the southern coasts of Lembongan and stresses subtle white sand, behind a series of palms and prickly shrubs. You’ll find a collection of mansions along with Pandan Cafe serving local food. It may seem a little far, but exhausting a day on a secluded beach without the dispute of vendors bugging you every five minutes is worth it.

9. Sundays Beach Club at Finn’s Beach

Best Hidden Beaches in Bali - Finn’s Beach

Another private beach in the list, The Finn’s Beach is a favorite looked out the venue on Bali’s Bukit cape. The beach club is a portion of The Ungasan Clifftop Resort and is positioned in the so-called village of Ungasan. With its stunning stretch of white sand and swimmable waves. Here you can also savor Mediterranean menu under breezy roof curtains with spectacular ocean views. With five-star services at your disposal, Finn’s Beach is a fabulous choice for a relaxing day on a tidy and tranquil coast, with many beach pursuits to hold you and your family or friends occupied this is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway.

10. Cliff-Fringed Shores of Pandawa Beach

Best Hidden Beaches in Bali - Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach, locally known as ‘Pantai Pandawa’, is a great extension to Bali’s collection of impressive beaches, placed on Bali’s southern edge. The fine, kilometer long beach stretch is hidden behind enormous limestone hills that exhibit extensive views to the Indian Ocean. Beyond its extraordinary natural sea scenery of white sand, blue sky and glittering waves, the beach is also known for its intense terrains and manmade limestone cliffs. The overlooking ocean cliffs midway down the incline boast intensely sculpted arches fitted with giant statues. They each represent the heroic figures from the epic Mahabharata, known as Pandawa Lima or the five Pandavas.

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