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5 Best File Manager Apps To Make Your Life Easy

5 Best File Manager Apps To Make Your Life Easy

The good thing about android explorer is that it allows every user to access the file structure without having to plug it into your Computer. It provides full accessibility to root folder. But sometimes you might have experienced that it is very basic in terms of features and interactive interfaces. While there are numerous android explorer on Google Playstore, but confused which one to choose. Well it’s not easy to determine which could be best amongst all. In addition android explorer more or less tend to be quite similar, but it’s extra captivating features that make the classification which would be good explorer and a great one. Some explorers are come loaded with great functionality with cloud storage capability. Make sure that you are using the best explorer among them are listed below.

5 Best File Manager Apps To Make Your Life Easy

1. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid explorer is always considered to be one of the most impressive and most preferred Android File Manager. Its better, faster and solid when compared to the competition. Solid Explorer features a dual paneled display to browse files with drag and drop option, it greatly increases your productivity. Moreover it ultimate cloud manager, since it provides you a wide accessibility Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive. One more feature which makes it standout ahead in race is that it allows the content to be casted to your chromecast. Here you can freely customize the interface as per your taste. It also allows to create or extract commonly used archives like Zip, RAR. The astonishing functionality reside inside it which have ability to change system level file properties.

To download Solied Explorer File Manager, Click here.

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2. File Commander-File Manager

It is developed by MobiSystems. File Commander is complete package that allows you to operate any file on your android device via intuitive interface. It easily list your files by type no matter where they physically belongs to. You can access your file remotely using FTP servers. It quickly picks up the most recent where you left off via recent files feature. File commander provides desktop grade features right in your pocket. The new functionality of File Commander lets you hide your files. In premium version the inclusion of recycle bin makes it beating the most apps in restoring the deleted files and folders.

To download File Commander File Manager, Click here.

3. ES File Explorer File Manager

It is one of the favorite file explorer in android market. It has great search feature and as like your desktop you can manage your file very smoothly. ES Explorer also allows to compress and decompress ZIP files or extract RAR files. It comes prebuilt with text viewers and editors. Availability of root explorer users can access entire root device including all system directories and allows users to change permissions. It also have ability to kill task in single click, which will free up memories and ultimately speed up the device performance. Auto start manager also adds up a unique feature in itself. All cloud connectivity facilities are available in ES file explorer with remote access you can manage your file over servers.

To download ES File Explorer File Manager, Click here.

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4. File Manager HD

It is one of the convenient file manager tool which is developer by Cheetah Mobile who formerly known for their optimization app “Clean Master”. With full cloud support its clean and subtle interface makes it easily usable. One great feature is that it reflects the most recent file accessed on the homepage by default. It allows compress, decompress and allows file transfer using various servers.

To download File Manager HD, Click here.

5. ASTRO File Manager

Astro file manager is complete tool for managing your files and folders. It can finds and manages all of your files no matter where they are located. ASTRO file manager also provides backup facilities to its user. It is very clean and Impressive in interface while its own Cloud Hopping, allows you move your files between the cloud storage and SD card. It gives full support to tgz and zip files, so it is feasible to compress or extract archive files.

To download ASTRO File Manager, Click here.

Summing It Up

Hope you all downloaded the best Android file manager. In current scenario interface matters right? So we handpicked above apps to extend the functionality as well as interface. Keep enjoying and don’t forget to mention in comments.

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