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10 Best Beaches Of Philippines Expats Should Not Miss Out On

Best beaches of Philippines

The best way to loosen up from the daily hustle and bustle of the corporate jungle is to unwind and lie among the white sands and clear blue seas of the Philippines. The paradise of Boracay and Palawan have always been a must visit for all kinds of travelers from all over the world and is a favorite for the past few years.

Being an archipelago of 7,647 islands, the Philippines is home to a number of beaches that will make you see the vast beauty and natural wonders of the country. Let’s take a dive on some of the best beaches of Philippines you really shouldn’t miss while you’re in the country.

10 Best Beaches Of Philippines Expats Should Not Miss Out On

1. Apo Reef, Mindoro Occidental

The world’s second largest contiguous coral reef system (the first one being Australia’s Great Barrier Reef) can be found on the islands of Apo Reef. The entire Apo Nature Park is comprised of three islands and is considered as a UNESCO heritage site.

Apart from the diving experience, you can also see the marine preservation efforts of the country, as well as marine habitats living in peace.

How to reach Apo Reef:

Book a flight to San Jose, Mindoro Occidental then take a tricycle/bus/van bound for Sablayan. Boat and camping essentials are available to rent at the municipal tourism office.

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2. Tikling Island, Matnog, Sorsogon

A remote and tiny island, Tikling Island’s beach is proof that good things can come in small packages and is one of the best beaches of Philippines.  A camp overnight under the stars and beside the sands is a must try when in Sorsogon.

Not enough white sand? A beach with pink sands is a few minutes away.

How to reach Tiling Island:

By bus: From Cubao, travel to Matnog (13-15 hours).

By air: Book a flight to Legazpi City and take a van to Sorsogon City.

3. Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte

If your idea of a beach is traversing within the island’s long white sandbar while the crystal clear waters of the sea mirror the sky along your way, then Kalanggaman island will surely make your sea dreams come true.

The island is something straight out of an unspoiled paradise which sometimes, you can have all to yourself.

How to reach Kalanggaman Island:

By bus: From Manila, ride a direct trip to Palompon, Leyte (24 hours).

By air: Book a flight to Tacloban and ride a van to Palompon.

By air: Book a flight to Cebu and ride a ship en route Ormoc or Palompon.

4. Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

A remote white and one of the best beaches of Philippines, travelers, take a break from the busy city life to relax and camp near the blue seas and white sands of Calaguas Island.

The island is a perfect spot for camping and enjoying the waters altogether, and even with little to no electricity, the island is a nice getaway.

How to reach Calaguas Island:

Take a bus ride from Manila to Daet, Camarines Norte (at least 10 hours) and ride a jeep going to Vinzons. At the port, ride a boat en route Calaguas island (2 hours).

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5. Bonbon Beach, Romblon

During low tide, a sandbar which connects Romblon’s main island with the neighboring Bang-Ug island appears. The city of Romblon is home to marble beaches, and the area is mostly remote, allowing you to relax among the sea’s breeze and enjoy a quiet local life.

How to reach Bonbon Beach:

From Manila, take a bus going to Batangas pier. From there, book or reserve a ferry ride beforehand en route Romblon.

6. Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor

Witchcraft and sorcery. Siquijor is known to be an island full of mystical wonders unknown to man. But don’t let this stories stray you away from visiting the island as it has one of the best beaches of Philippines.

Siquijor has its own share of tropical beaches, which can be the true magic behind the stories. A 30 ft cliff dive, clear seas, and a complete relax package, you can find it all in beautiful Siquijor.

How to reach Salagdoong Beach:

Book a flight to Dumaguete City. From the port, ride a tricycle en route the port that will take you to Siquijor (1 hour).

 7. Daku Island, Siargao

Siargao has two sides to its beaches: the surf and the calm. If you want to take a rest from riding the waves, head to Daku Island where a calming retreat awaits you. You can dive, snorkel, and kayak among the aquamarine beaches and lie among the white sands and coconut trees.

How to get here:

By bus: Ride a trip to Cagayan de Oro which passes Surigao (42 hours).

By ferry: From Manila, book a trip to Surigao.

By air: Book a flight from Cebu to Sayak airport (Cebu Pacific offers regular trips here).

8. Islas de Gigantes, Iloilo

Due to its island’s peculiar shape and clear blue seas, the ‘Island of Giants’ in Iloilo has become a favorite beach trip for travelers. You can also swim and snorkel around the area while experiencing and knowing more about the island’s origin during your stay.

How to reach Islas de Gigantes:

Book a flight to Iloilo City and take a ride to Tagbak terminal. From here, you’ll take the bus bound for Estancia and ride a tricycle to Estancia port, wherein a boat awaits to take you to Gigantes Island.

9. Virgin Islands, Panglao, Bohol

From the chocolate hills, you have to stroll down the untouched seas of Panglao. The Virgin Islands is a naked beauty and one of the best beaches of Philippines. With its sandbar and refined seas, you’ll certainly have an island life experience like no other.

How to reach Virgin Islands:

Book a flight for Tagbilaran. From the Bohol Museum, you can fetch a ride to Panglao. Behind the San Agustin church is the pier where boats will take you to Virgin Island and Balicasag.

10. White Island, Camiguin

The perfect beach bumming escapade is best done in White Island. From live sea urchins (which you can eat), sandbars, and a blissful island life, Camiguin’s White Island should be your next tropical island visit.

How to reach White Island:

Book a flight to Laguindingan airport (Cagayan de Oro’s main airport city). Take a bus towards CDO’s main city proper then ride a bus bound for Butuan, dropping off at Balingoan Port.

From the Balingoan port, ride a ferry to Benoni Port, then ride a bus to Mambajao. Ride a habal-habal to White Island.

So, these were some of the best beaches of Philippines. While a quick Google and social media search will give you a glimpse of a whole new paradise, the photos itself won’t do the Philippine beaches justice, as it’s better and more fun to see it for yourself.

If you’re also looking for a beach and landscape photography buddy, check out Ralph Wunsch. He’s the man for the job!

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