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6 Best Attic Renovation Ideas – How To Make The Best Use Of Your Attic Space?

Easy Attic Renovation Ideas

Attics are not meant to be dark, dirty, and moldy. On the contrary, they should be bright, modern, cozy, and well-organized spaces that bring value to your home. But in most of the homes, attics are usually full of junk like your Christmas decorations, luggage, shovel and other items; there is no better time than now to think of renovating the attic space in a better way and make the most valuable space within your home.

Transforming an unused attic space is both attractive and functional as it adds value to the home and become a source of keeping less-used stuff. Moreover, it can bring extra square feet of usable space without a lot of added cost.

Need space for a custom play area for children, home office, guest room, bathroom or even a master bedroom? Look up… to the attic! Here are several ways to make the most of an attic conversion project for the spectacular results. Read about these amazing attic renovation ideas

6 Best Attic Renovation Ideas To Maximize Its Usability

1. Playroom for Kids

When children need some quality play time, the attic can become an ideal playroom. You can add a sturdy floor covered with soft carpet, this unused area of the house can be changed from one of the most boring to one of the most inviting. Add bright color furniture, some LED lights, paint walls to make it fun and friendly. This way, teh entire room can be used for the children to play, or it can be partitioned to create extra space for the grown-ups as they like leisurely space.

2. Office Space

Working from home is easier and more affordable. If you are a freelancer and looking for a space where you don’t want any noise or distractions, then attic space is the best for you. You can set a little bit away from the daily hubbub, but offers proper internet connection and comfort to function as an office. Add a table, chair, and your desktop to make it more exciting. You can add light color carpet for a more eclectic look.

3. Bedroom

When children grow up, it becomes less desirable for them to share a room. Often considered as unused and cluttered space, attics can be beautifully transformed into a bedroom. You can place a bed, mirror, table and chair, some state-of-the-art devices, fixtures, and add stairs to bring the creative touch to the decor in the attic. For this, you need to consider the wants of room’s future occupant for the decoration.

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4. Entertainment Center

You might be having a separate corner for playing video games and listening music to relax and unwind from the hectic day. Nowadays, many homeowners prefer to have a one room for only watching TV or movies and another games, music, and computer entertainment. Add HVAC, plumbing, and other electrical features for great final results.

5. Library

The another striking way to convert an attic space into the most valuable space is by keeping you huge stack of books. Its no wonder, this space will be the most peaceful room to study and concentrate. Now, you don’t have to rush to nearby library to pursue your hobby of reading.    

6. Storage Area

The low overhang offer the potential for great built-in storage space that is both attractive and functional. Cupboards, drawers, and shelving an be easily installed in these areas to make sure the open space remains tidy and clutter free, and it will also prevent any injuries suffered by people walking into a low ceiling area.

Whatever you’re opting for, this space can be dedicated to one, or split to share depending upon the usage. But before starting any remodelling project of your attic space- don’t forget to provide adequate ventilation, so that the natural lighting can be there. To help natural light flow throughout the space, paint walls and ceilings white, use light carpets and hardwood floors, and use mirrors to create the feeling of a larger space. 

Summing It Up

Attic conversions help home owners increase the value of their house by enhancing the functionality and aesthetics. If this seems challenging to you, you can hire a professional service providers who can best plan your attic space and renovate it according to your needs. Not to mention, you also need to ensure safety and other standards to enjoy the use of this space. If you consider renovating your attic, then you must also consider its accessibility. The way to reach the attic should be safe and comfortable.

Versa Lift Attic Lifts is an ultimate storage solution that converts attic into a huge hidden storage area with a push-button access. It is safe, convenient, easy to install and retrieve garage clutter items in seconds. When not in use, the Versa Lift and lifting platform is hidden within the attic. The Versa Lift is an ideal solution for split-levels, elevated coastal homes, and basements for all the storage needs.

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