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7 Amazingly Helpful Tips For Sending Out Wedding Invitations

7 Amazingly Helpful Tips For Sending Out Wedding Invitation
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Getting married is one of the most exciting times in your life. From the courting to the engagement to the actual wedding, the whole process is something that is special and memorable. While planning for the special day, there are many different things that you must consider and decide upon. From the dress to the flowers, the venue to the food, and so much more. 

In order to announce your wedding and share the news of the special day, sending out wedding invitations is the traditional course of action. As you consider how you plan to invite the special people in your life to your very important day, use the seven helpful tips that follow. 

7 Amazingly Helpful Tips For Sending Out Wedding Invitations

1. Choose A Size And Layout

No, this is not the most exciting part of creating an invitation, but it is important none the less. Do you want your invite to have a portrait orientation or a landscape one? As you think about this, you will also want to consider the size of the invite. Most printers have specific sizes they create so the card will fit into standard envelopes. Depending on the envelopes you want to use, make sure your invite will fit into it nicely.

2. Choose A Style

Every wedding invitation’s design falls into a category based on its style. No, you don’t have to choose just one style and you can borrow design elements from a couple different options. But by choosing a particular genre or period in time, it can give your invitation a strong focus. 

As you consider the different design styles, there are a few different ones to choose from. Elegant or traditional is a classic and timeless choice. This design is great for both formal weddings and more informal affairs. Floral borders, script fonts, and dainty colors are all elements of a more traditional invitation. Art deco is another choice. This style has a vintage feel to it and can be trendy and hip. Wedding invitations in this style category may use colors like black, silver, and gold. They may have foiling and geometric designs. Retro is another design style commonly used for invites. From the 1950’s, this is also hip but uses elements such as pastel colors, badges, ribbons, and vintage graphics.

3. Choose A Font

Based on the style you choose for your invitation, you will want to choose a font that is appropriate. Instead of choosing a typeface that is a bit off the beaten path, choose something that is timeless. Fonts such as Caslon or Fournier are great for invitations. 

Also, as you choose the font, look for those that have different weights. You may love a particular typeface in its regular weight, but find out if there are bold and italic weights available. By showcasing your names, the venue, the time and other important details in various weights, it can bring a balanced look to the invitation.

4. Choose A Printer

Where will your invitation be printed? There are many options for this and it will depend on your desires and your budget. You can choose a letterpress finish, foiling, gloss, and so many other options. As you decide on what you would like your invitation to look like, the printer will be crucial.

5. Choose A Design

Similar to the style, the design is something that you will want to focus on. Will you use flowers on your invitation? Yes, florals have been used forever and can make your invitation look old fashioned, but they don’t have to. Along with flowers and design, you also have to choose colors for the design of your invitation. What design elements will you use? What about adding photographs?

6. Choose The Wording And Typesetting

What do you want your invitation to say and how do you want it to look? Yes, you want it to share your names, the date, the time, the venue, and any other relevant information you want to include. Do you want the wording centered? Left aligned? Having your words centered can make for a more organized looking invitation, but you are the designer so choose what you love. 

7. Choose To Play

Once you have the major elements of your wedding invitation planned out, play with it. Not happy with the colors? Change them. Want a different font? Again, see what you like by playing around. Spending some time changing things up, you can easily create an invitation that you love and that will be a bold representation of your relationship and your upcoming wedding. 

Summing It Up

Decisions, decisions, decisions… When it comes to planning the wedding invitations you want to send out, there are so many different choices. That can be a little overwhelming, but by choosing a focus, you can better design the perfect product.

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