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5 Amazingly Healthy Foods To Make Your Summer Cooler

Healthy and best food for summers

India is known as the land of distinct geographical conditions with equal distribution of favorable climatic conditions – summer, monsoon, winter, autumn. However, global warming has already taken a toll and we can literally experience the variance in climate. Last week, the Western part of Mumbai received light showers which were bizarre as it rains between June-September. The summers scald the bodies these days. The temperature change has been drastically grave. From 33° in 2010 to approximately 36° in 2016, the shift has been appalling. People have been ambushed by innumerable diseases that were never heard of. Survival has really become one of the prime aspects of the fittest. To stay fit in summers, it’s very necessary to keep yourself hydrated. As we perspire more, the more we lose the water content from our body. The following foods will keep you away from the possible dreaded diseases and you might cope better in the scorching summers.

5 Amazingly Healthy Foods To Make Your Summer Cooler

1. Coconut Water

Healthy and best food for summers-Coconut Water

Coconut water is presumably one of the best foods to eat in summer. “Kalpavriksha” as the name suggests, every part of the tree is useful to the human needs. The most important of the tree “coconut water” constitutes of certain electrolytes, minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium etc. They provide a plethora of benefits like aiding weight loss, removes acne making your skin spotless, reducing blood pressure, accelerates digestion process.

2. Watermelon

Healthy and best food for summers-Watermelon

Another fruit that quenches the incessant thirst in summers is the watermelon. Watermelons are really difficult to eat, as it involves a meticulous task of removing the seeds. Once all the seeds are removed, they can be relished. This fruit as the name suggests consists of 92% of water with vitamins A for better vision, teeth, B6 for brain development and maintaining the body cycle, C for repairing your tissues, to make collagen for your skin, blood vessels and finally some lycopene for preventing heart disease, prevents diabetes and makes you look younger.

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3. Cucumber

Healthy and best food for summers-Cucumber

Most green vegetables are always cool. Cucumber, belonging to the same family as watermelons provide nutrients like Vitamin K for regulating normal blood clotting to avoid blood wastage, B for lubricating your body, reduces anxiety and stress as well as lowers the risk of heart diseases, C for maintaining your aging, cardiovascular diseases, protecting your immune system of the body, copper, potassium, manganese. Cucumbers improve the aging of your nerve cell and enhance your memory. They also play a vital role in reducing the chances of uterine, breast, and prostate cancer by providing cucurbitacins that are anti-cancer agents. Cucumbers manage your digestive system and also keeps your breath fresh. So anytime after having a snack, try cucumbers they will ooze out the bad breath.

4. Yoghurt Or Curd

Healthy and best food for summers-Yogurt

Yoghurt or Curd is the dairy product that is prepared by fermenting milk. Yoghurt is power packed with vitamins like B12 for maintaining your RBC and nervous system functioning at its optimum, B5, riboflavin, iodine, zinc that has specific benefits on the human body. A best fat burner for your waist and belly after your workout has been proved by regular consumption of yoghurt. The potassium in yoghurt is useful in eliminating the excess salts in the body that are major contributors to hypertension and kidney diseases.

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5. Lime Water

Healthy and best food for summers-Lime Juice

Cheap, ready-to-make, healthy – Lime water is the key to keep you hydrated after a heavy and taxing day’s work. Add salt to it if you are a salty lime water addict or sugar if you like it sweet, you can have it either way that will satiate your thirst and beat the heat. Lime water consists of citric acid that aids enzymes for a better functioning, makes you look younger, also, one of the best ingredient in the fat loss program, constant use of lemon juice fight the extra fat, improves your digestion and also the immunity of your body thereby keeping you fit, robust from within.

Summing it up

Have a lot of green vegetables and the aforesaid foods that will not only keep you hydrated in the searing summers but will also give you all the required nutrients to keep you energetic until the end of your workaholic day.

So what are you waiting for, go start your day with these foods and seize your day!

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