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7 Amazing Ways To Elevate Your Bridal Look

7 Amazing Ways To Elevate Your Bridal Look

Probably one of the first things a bride-to-be does is scroll through her Facebook page, spend hours creating Pinterest boards, and surf the web, all in search of wedding inspiration. However, after spending a lot of time doing all those things, you’ll begin to get blurry eyed, and everything looks the same. Or, perhaps, all those bridal gowns look the same because they are the same style.

So, if you want to create a unique look, and, let’s face it, give yourself a stalk-worthy newsfeed, try these amazing ways to elevate your look for the big day. 

7 Amazing Ways To Elevate Your Bridal Look

1. Say Goodbye To Heels

Perhaps you’ve never grown accustomed to wearing heels. Maybe when you throw a pair on you’re taller than your man, which isn’t great for side-by-side photos. Or, perhaps, you don’t want six-inch stilettos slowing you down during all that dancing. No matter the case, if you don’t feel comfortable teetering on heels all day, don’t wear them!

Cute sneakers are a great alternative. White Keds or Converse are great bridal options. Or, throw on a pair of blue sneakers for your “something blue.” If you’re a country girl at heart, don your cowboy boots. If you’re exchanging vows on a sandy beach, ditch shoes altogether and slip on pretty sandals for the reception. Don’t feel like you’re limited to only one kind of shoes; you have tons of options. Plus, think of the cute photo opportunities that out-of-the-norm styles will give you!

2. Cover-Up

Those brides who might experience a chill come nightfall have the chance to add another piece to their wedding day ensemble. A bohemian poncho for an outdoor wedding will look flawless and keep you cozy all night long. Or, if you need extra warmth jumping in and out of the limo on a winter night, add a (faux) fur stole or shawl to your dress. A cover-up adds an element of surprise to your wardrobe that most people wouldn’t expect. Plus, they make for great props in pictures.

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3. Bold Accessories

Yes, your dress should wow the guests and be a stunning piece of work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize! Opt for a choker or a chunky necklace. If you aren’t wearing a veil, a floral headpiece is a great alternative. For a winter bride, consider fuzzy white earmuffs and white gloves. For summer brides and/or outdoor weddings, a floral crown made of blossoms, greenery, and shells is a stunning option.

4. Daring Dress Colors

If you’ve never liked the idea of an ivory gown, that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit color for your big walk down the aisle. Now, more so than ever before, brides can walk down the aisle with pastel, pink, champagne, and even floral dresses.

Not only will you be the most talked-about bride of the season – just think of all those likes and shares – but you’ll also feel much more like you. As a bride, you want something that you feel beautiful in while staying true to yourself. Is your heart set on a soft color, but worried that grandma will fall out of her chair? Luckily, modern gowns, no matter if you go subtle or bold with your color, still give you an elegant bridal look. Trust us; you’re not going to get lost in a sea of guests or mistaken for a bridesmaid. 

5. Bright Lip Colors

Who said just because it’s your wedding day you shouldn’t go for bold makeup? The trick is knowing where to keep your makeup subtle and where to play with color. To kick your bridal look up a notch, play with your lip color! A bold red or pink pout adds the perfect look-at-me touch of bridal glamor.

Lips are the easiest way to incorporate color into your beauty look. For a classic look choose from shades of red – everything from a fire engine, cherry wine, and dark burgundy are a go. For a sweet look, try your hand in pinks – from a soft glimmer to baby pink, to rose and bright pink, all are hues to consider.

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6. Black and White

Just because you’re a bride doesn’t mean you have to stick with soft colors. You’ll be amazed at what a few strategically placed black accessories can do for your look. Whether you add a black sash, bow, bouquet, or heels, the finished product will be beautiful.

This is especially true for indoor weddings, ballroom receptions, and black-tie events. Black and white are a classic pair that looks great dressed up, under candlelight, and with that red lipstick, you’re dying to try from number five. Not to mention, accents of black and white add a hint of sophistication to any wedding.

7. Tea Length Dresses

Want to do something different with your dress, but you’ve always imagined a white gown for your wedding day? Many brides have found that big ball gowns, long trains, and hems cause a lot of hassle when moving about throughout your reception. While some ladies have found it easier to wear one dress for the ceremony and another, shorter, more practical one for the reception, others don’t want to shell out extra cash for two dresses. Plus, a lot of brides want to spend as long as possible in their dresses, since they are only wearing them once.

The perfect answer to those dress issues is a tea length gown. This midi dress offers the fullness of a ball gown with the ease of shorter style, making it the perfect dress to effortlessly carry you from your “I dos” to your photos, and throughout the reception, dance floor and all. Plus, this is the perfect length to show off some killer shoes!

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