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6 Wonderful And Amazing Tips To Travel Bali On Budget

6 Wonderful And Amazing Tips To Travel Bali On Budget

As it is said – ‘It’s all about the journey, and not about the destination.‘ Though, to some extent, it is true; the roads, the forests, the beaches and what not, everything at a new place gives you goosebumps and makes you feel like a free bird. However, when it comes down to planning your next vacation, then we realise “Peeps! it’s not only about the journey, it is also about ‘The destination,” and one such destination is ‘Bali.’

Bali is one destination, which is on every traveller’s bucket list. However, when it comes to the question of travelling Bali, everyone’s biggest concern is Budget. Will travelling Bali be a costly affair? Should I start saving from now to have a luxury vacation in Bali? What if I miss some great experiences or activities in Bali because of the budget?

It is a myth that visiting Bali will cost you a fortune. Hence, to clear your dilemmas, here is a complete guide to help you travel Bali on a budget. Because, it is everyone’s right to have a captivating experience on the ‘Islands of God.’

A little about ‘Islands of God,’ Bali:

Amazing Tips To Travel Bali on budget

Bali is an Indonesian island, which is covered with astonishing seashores, rugged cliffs and incredible ancient and sacred architecture, It is unmistakably one of the most pictorial and fascinating places for backpackers.

Bali is a culturally rich destination and has myriads of lovely cities; each having its own speciality. For example, if you want to experience the sacredness of Bali, then Ubud is your place; if you are a party monster and want to experience the nightlife, Kuta is your place; or if you want to behold the exclusive and luxurious side of Bali, you must go to Seminyak.

Bali’s history is indistinguishably tangled with its spiritual beliefs, which speculate on each aspect of everyday life. While visiting Bali, you can behold the treasured customs combining rainbow-colored flower leaf donations, pulse-pounding Gamelan symphonies and dizzyingly disciplined classical performers.

6 Wonderful And Amazing Tips To Travel Bali On Budget

#1 Before you plan your trip

Amazing tips to travel Bali on Budget-Plan Your Trip to Bali

Time of travel to any country has a direct impact on your budget. Similarly, choosing when to travel to Bali can have the vital impression on hotel and flight rates. The peak time in Bali starts from mid-December to early January when your trip to Bali can be heavy on your pocket.

Next, there is ‘High Season,’ where the domestic traveller’s amalgamates with the international tourists during their summer breaks or on school holidays. This season is from July to early September.

Hence, if you want to travel Bali on a budget, the best time to visit Bali is from mid-January to June when the climate is pleasant and the rates are cheap. Whether it is a gourmet cuisine in a signature restaurant or a massage in a world-class spa, there will not be any burden on your pockets.

For instance, the two-way tickets from Jakarta will cost you approximately $100 in the low seasons. On the other hand, the lowest fair that you can get in peak season will be approximately $145.

Moreover, if you are travelling to Bali from Singapore, a return ticket in low season will be around $135, and during the peak season, the same ticket will cost you around $255, burgeoning the price by almost 90%.

Hence, to travel Bali on a budget, the time of your visit plays a vital role.

 Amazing tips to travel Bali on Budget-Plan Your Trip to Bali2.

The another best way to travel Bali on a budget is to look for long weekends in Bali. If you want to witness the true Balinese culture, want to mingle with the locals and acquaint yourself with the rich culture of Bali, visiting the same on long weekends will be a great idea.

Also, as Bali maintains a mesmerising weather throughout the year, visiting the same during the normal or low season is a good way to explore the insights of Bali on a budget.

#2 Look for the cheapest flights

Amazing Tips to travel Bali on Budget-Look for cheapest flight tickets

As an entrenched foreign destination, you apparently wouldn’t have a difficulty locating a flight to Bali that agrees your program and budget.

The simple budget-saving progress would be to opt for budget airlines. Sign-up for the airline’s e-newsletters so you will keep on getting the updates when they are cutting ticket costs. It is a great way to plan for your budget trip to Bali.

There are myriads of online travel search engines where you can compare the flight prices. It would conserve your time and cash by getting the greatest airfare deals in just minutes by examining flights from myriads of airlines and online travel companies.

It’s great to search and compare the rates across various search engines, to get more detailed results. Doing so will surely help you manage your budget and if you get lucky, you can get the prices lower than you expected.

However, the thumb rule is – always see the closing price on the official website prior booking your tickets. Because the majority of search engines and travel agencies add the taxes just before the final payment step.

#3 Book your stay smartly!

Amazing tips to travel Bali on Budget-Cheap Stays in Bali

Accommodation in Bali is fairly cheaper, especially in the normal and low seasons. With very few dormitory-styled hostels in Bali, the best way to experience Bali is by staying in guesthouses, homestays or in resorts.

If you are a backpacker, the best option is to stay in a guesthouse or homestay, which will cost you approximately $15 per night. Moreover, if you get lucky, you can even get to stay in cheaper than the above-mentioned price that too in beach resorts. Also, do not forget to showcase your negotiation skills to bring the prices down.

Amazing tips to travel Bali on Budget-Cheap accommodation in Bali

There are myriads of online websites and search engines, which can help you in booking your favourite accommodation and also help in comparing the prices, especially when you are traveling with your family or group of friends. You can also book your own private villas, which are fitted with all the modern amenities and sufficient space for a group of people. However, if you are a backpacker, the best way to get accommodation at a cheaper price in Bali is to show up on the day.

#4 Exploring Bali

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Bali in Kura-Kura

Just a few years ago public transport in Bali used to be extremely less, that people used to suggest to get a taxi or your own vehicle. However, in the present times, the majority of the tourists are catered by the luxury fleet of AC shuttles, which are famously known as the ‘Kura-Kura Bus.’

Amazing Tips To travel Bali on Budget-Travel in Kura-Kura

With good frequency, you can get these Kura-Kura Buses for almost all the major cities of Bali, which include Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran, Ubud and much more. These are one of the cheapest means of transport in Bali and will cost you not more than $2 for a single trip. The best part is you can even get a free Wi-Fi in the shuttles.

Cycle around the lush green paddy fields

The second best way to stroll around the mesmerising locality of Bali is via renting a cycle. There are myriads of benefits in renting a cycle. It is eco-friendly, in the budget, fun and will allow you to skip traffic in many places.

Amazing Tips To Travel Bali on Budget-Travel on Cycle

While visiting Bali, it is paramount to explore the lush green paddy fields of Bali, and nothing can be better than exploring the same with the cycle.

It is extremely cheap to rent a cycle. It will cost you just $3 for a full day rental, and hence, will be fairly light on your pocket and on your budget.

Rev on a motorbike

Amazing Tips To Travel Bali on Budget-Rent a bike

The Balinese locals normally commute by scooter or motorbike and you can see several vacationists using them also. Scooters are the inexpensive way to explore the beauty of Bali. If you’re hiring a scooter for a month, it will just cost you approximately $50. In Bali, you can find ‘Rent Motorbike’ signs in myriads of places, with pocketfuls of scooters waiting for the renting.

Or just take a Taxi

Amazing Tips to travel Bali on Budget-Hire a Taxi

If you’re in a mood to go for a night out in Kuta or Seminyak, you are expected to take a taxi. In these couple of areas, it is very easy to get a taxi and the cost usually starts at $0.40, with an extra 0.30$ per kilometre. For short spans this is excellent. There are possibilities that some taxis will tell you that their meter is broken and will try to charge more fare. Hence, it is better that you consult with someone and get the rough idea of the total approximate cost of your journey.

#5 Munching in Bali

Ask about the most famous points to eat in Bali, and a regular specifying would be given of ‘warungs’ – simple eating spots located around the roadside and impersonating their individual classic delicacies. Unquestionably not the trendy eateries that have acquired and blended the term ‘warung’ into their signature, just for the purpose of branding, these warungs are genuine.

Amazing Tips To Travel Bali on Budget-Street Food in Bali

The majority of roadside restaurants are all budget selections with no complaint about elegant interior design, silver cutlery or cosy chairs. If you really want to savour your taste buds with the authentic and traditional Balinese cuisine and you don’t care to wait in line and practising a touch of Balinese body language in putting your order, then sinking down in a non-air-conditioned place on plastic footstools or wooden seats and desks, including toilet paper rolls for towels, then you’re in for the best regional dining encounter.

Amazing Tips To Travel Bali on Budget-Cheap Food in Bali

The average cost of a single dish will be between 70 cents to $1, which will surely savor your taste buds and give you a real encounter with the authentic and traditional Balinese cuisines. Some of the most famous dishes in Bali you can check out for include Nasi Goreng, Babur Ayam, Nasi Jinggo, Pasar Kodok and much more.

#6 Take help of the app

Amazing Tips To Travel Bali on Budget-Use Apps

Last but not least comes a few apps, which will help you throughout your Bali trip and make it a memorable trip but in a budget. Some of these include:

  • Little Miss Bali – curated lineup of “cheap and pleasant” dining, particularly excellent for families with kids. Download the app by clicking here: Android, iOS
  • Zomato – most current culinary restaurants pitched (often concluded with photos and menus so you can have an impression of what you’re taking yourself into) and convenient connection to Google Maps for routes to go there. Download the app by clicking here: Android, iOS
  • The Bali Bible – curated listing of suggested ventures and areas to have delicious food with promotional coupons. Download the app by clicking here: Android

We hope these great tips will surely help you in planning your budget trip to Bali. If you have more of the awesome suggestions, do let us know in comments.

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