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6 Amazing Time Management Tips For E-Learning Students

Amazing Time Management Tips For E-Learning Students

Online courses are awesome! With the help of the e-learning industry, knowledge has become more accessible than ever. You can learn anything you want, and you can take the lessons whenever you find the time for them.

There is one lesson that online students need to learn before accessing any e-learning plan: time-management. If you want to complete the courses you start, you have to control your time in the most effective manner. The following tips will help you do that.

6 Amazing Time Management Tips For E-Learning Students

1. Create A Special Learning Spot

Amazing Time Management Tips For E-Learning Students-Create A Special Learning Spot

Some people get the expression “learn from the comfort of your home” too literally. Yes, your home is definitely more comfortable than a classroom, but that doesn’t mean you can lie down while listening to a lecture. You need private space with a desk, comfortable chair, notebooks, pens, a laptop/desktop computer, and everything else you consider necessary.

Don’t even try to learn with your parents, partner, or kids in the same room. You can’t limit their right to enjoy their time, watch TV, or have a conversation just because you decided to take an online course. They will be a huge distraction, so you have to get your personal space. When you organize your surroundings, you’ll be much more motivated to learn, so it will be easier for you to fight the distractions.

2. Get Rid Of All Distractions!

Amazing Time Management Tips For E-Learning Students-Get Rid Of All Distractions

Even if you organize a special room for learning, you’ll still be prone to the greatest distraction of all: the Internet. How many times have you promised to check Facebook for only 5 minutes, but ended up spending hours looking at the photos of your ex?

You need to install browser extensions that block your access to distracting pages during the workflow. Try SelfControl for Mac OS X, StayFocusd or Strict Workflow for Chrome, or LeechBlock for Firefox.

3. Make A Plan And Take One Course At A Time

Amazing Time Management Tips For E-Learning Students-Make A Plan And Take One Course At A Time

At college, students get confused with the messy curriculum. They have to learn history, economics, sociology, and literature at the same time. Plus, they need to complete various assignments for each of those courses, so they get confused by all information they have to process.

When you have the flexibility to choose the online courses and organize your own schedule, it’s best to focus on one subject after another. Make a plan: what do you want to learn and how much time do you give yourself for each goal on the list? Then, choose one course at a time and focus your entire energy on it. It will be easier for you to remember more details from the lectures if you implement this strategy, and you’ll find yourself completing the courses much faster.

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4. Develop A Routine

Amazing Time Management Tips For E-Learning Students-Develop A Routine

Before you commit to a precise schedule, experiment a bit: try listening to online lectures and completing the task in different times of the day. Monitor your results, and you’ll notice that your achievements are greater around a particular hour.

Some people like being active in the morning, while others feel really sleepy and need more time before they can get their brains in learning mode. Some people achieve the best results during the late night hours. Follow your own biorhythm! Organize your schedule around your activity peaks. Make sure to leave some time for rest and socializing throughout the day.

5. Outsource When You Can’t Achieve!

Amazing Time Management Tips For E-Learning Students-Outsource When You Can’t Achieve

Online courses are not as easy as most people perceive them to be. If you notice that your schedule is getting too tight and you cannot achieve all tasks by their deadlines, it’s time to consider the option of outsourcing.

For example, you can delegate the written projects to AssignmentMasters – an agency whose writers and editors can help you achieve the best results. Through the collaboration with these experts, you’ll get much more time for studying, but you’ll also advance your writing and editing skills.

6. Use The Right Tools

Amazing Time Management Tips For E-Learning Students-Use The Right Tools

There are great online tools that help online students save time. These are only three of the ones you can consider:

  • Google Calendar – an online calendar that will help you organize your daily and monthly plans. It will send reminders for important deadlines, so you’ll never miss submitting an assignment or taking a test at a precise time. Add all important tasks and assignments in your calendar, and plan how you will achieve those goals within the time you have.
  • Noisli – a nifty tool that helps you block out annoying noises from your environment. You can mix different relaxing sounds that will get you in productive mode.
  • Assignment Survival Kit – a simple, but really effective tool that helps you plan the way you complete assignments. You enter the due date of the assignment, as well as the day you start working on it. The tool will launch a personalized schedule, so you’ll only need to follow it in order to complete the task by its deadline.

Summing It Up

The flexibility of online learning is a great advantage, but it can also be your greatest enemy. If you catch yourself neglecting the schedule and leaving everything for “tomorrow”, then you have a problem; it’s called procrastination. Thanks to the tips listed above, you can fight all distractions and you can start taking online courses as effectively as possible.

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