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7 Amazing Things You Can Do When Internet Is Not Working

7 Things You Can Do When Internet Is Not Working

Present day world has reached a day where people feel as is everything is forced off them if the “data” stops being received. People ought to break the shell of this thought as it can be turned out to be the most productive time. In fact, you will get a chance to explore yourself, improve your skills, and exhibit your talents and much more. So, here are a few amazing things you can do when internet is not working and you feel that  “time” and your life is paused!

7 Amazing Things You Can Do When Internet Is Not Working

1. Walk Through Your Hobbies

Amazing Things You Can Do When Internet Is Not Working-Work For Hobbies

Everyone on this earth has some hobby that cheers them up or some special skills and talents that pose them in a high level. Don’t you think this is the time to nurture them? Painting, drawing, dance, singing, craft, martial arts, and the list includes a plethora of things. Sit in your room and make the set up you need. Start your work and can you resist your mind from getting refreshed? Mess up the whole room if you want, after all, you have time to clean it right!

2. Time For Some “Old”

Amazing Things You Can Do When Internet Is Not Working-Talk to an old friend

How long has it been since you spoke to your old friends? C’mon pick up the phone and make a call, go to her house (only if it’s nearby, not to some other city!) spend some time. Did you go through the photos of your childhood recently? Open up the photo album; bring the memories and those rocking moments to life. Enjoy it with your family! Get back to your slam book. It’s all about your past years. Go to your neighbours, collect your friends and start some gaming indoor. Or just sit with your family and have a chat (not texting or so!) They are the ones will be waiting to spend time with you right!

3. Relax and Refresh

Amazing Things You Can Do When Internet Is Not Working-Relax and Refresh

This is the time you are released from the jail of your phone, laptop, computer and all that. Relax your body, your mind, help them rejuvenate. Have a nap for some time if you wish. Get into the kitchen; grab something to eat and a newspaper or a book. Or just sit at the window watching the nature, people passing by (We don’t know who might come by anytime!), the vehicles, the sky, and everything. It reduces your stress levels to a good extent. Just go for a walk with someone willing if the climate is good enough. Well! Done relaxing? Yes, now sit and plan your next day, don’t let it go unplanned.

4. Beauty Time!

Amazing Things You Can Do When Internet Is Not Working-Beauty Time

Everyone likes to improve the way they present themselves, be it boys or girls. It’s not that only girls concentrate on their beauty. I have some boys in my friends who take a longer time than girls to get ready. They, in fact, spend much of this time in front of the mirror!

Just get some exercise, fresh up, have a makeover if necessary. You can even go for a photo shoot. Try new hairstyles and capture your looks. It will be a whole lot of fun to get back to this in future.

5. Change The Looks Of Your House

Amazing Things You Can Do When Internet Is Not Working-Renovate your home

I don’t actually tell you to do this if you love the look of your room or your house right now! But, Yes! Some change in the surroundings makes you feel it be a new place which helps your mind to be more active and creative. Just clean up your room (don’t know how long it has been!) Choose a wall in your room, grab some paints and design the wall. Let all the creativity of your mind be seen on the wall. If you can reach the ceiling (of course using a chair or stool) paint it with radium colours. You will be having a new room to sleep at night!

6. Study

Amazing Things You Can Do When Internet Is Not Working-Study

It is one of the necessities of a student life right! You can concentrate on your hobbies and interests, but never should you neglect your studies. When the internet is available, the mind will have a minimum distraction to it. But, now it has no choice of it. I think you can concentrate well during this time saying to yourself “You need to do this only till the internet is not there” Just open a book of your choice (and study!)

7. Do A Self Assessment 

Amazing Things You Can Do When Internet Is Not Working-Do A Self Assessment

This is what I do in my free time. Sit with a pen and a paper and start thinking of all the positive qualities in you. Now, keep it aside and make a note of all the negative qualities that you find in you, something that you don’t like in you, something that you want to change in. When the list is complete, think of the solutions to all what you have noted and start implementing them. Well, the list of positives is just to cheer you up that you have a good number of positives too!

Summing it up

Everyone is given the same time of 24 hours each day. But there is a tremendous difference in what different people achieve. It all lies in how each individual uses this provided time. To achieve more than what you do now, you either have to increase the available time or use the available time effectively. Anyway first is not possible, so let’s do it with the second. The only thing to mind is “Make it productive!”

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