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11 Amazing Out Of The Box Job Ideas For Free Spirits

Do you think that doing file work is worse than cutting your left arm with a blunt knife? Do you feel like sleeping in till 12 on Wednesday afternoon and stay up till 3:30 in the morning on a Thursday? You feel like throwing your boss out of the window when he comes with another load of paperwork?

Then you should take a look at these jobs; these give you a level of freedom as well as are financially supporting. Money as well as honey.. 😉

11 Amazing Out Of The Box Job Ideas For Free Spirits

1. Secret Agent

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Secret Agent

Wanna be like Salman Khan in ‘Ek Tha tiger’? This is it for you then. A perfect blend of thrill and responsibility. With opportunities in government sector like RAW and IB and increasing numbers of private security agencies, this is a continuously growing market.

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2. Writer

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Writer

If you have an imaginative mind and you prefer talking to the characters inside your head more than the people of outside world, then this is the job for you. Stay in bed working throughout the day or work while you’re on a mini world tour. You get to do your favourite work, on your own terms and make money too. You, sir, are the king!

3. Environmentalist

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Environmentalist

If you love nature and everything natural, this love of yours can make you a generous living. With the coming threat of Global Warming, there is an increased demand for environmentalists.

4. Firefighter

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Firefighter

A profession for the lovers of adventure, adrenaline rush and a life full of risks. Along with the sense of constant excitement, it comes with a chance of doing something for others. Such a thrilling job combined with so much kindness.

5. Photographer

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Photographer

Do you find the world better from behind a lens? Then this is your calling. A perfect job for those who are mavericks at heart and a penchant for beautiful locations. You may join news channels, magazines, science channels and even publish your own photo-journals.

6. Dance Trainer

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Dance Trainer

Perfect location for people who find their feet tapping on every music and love to groove. With lots of opportunities for a future in professional choreography, a small studio for teaching anyone who’s passionate about dancing would be immensely satisfying.

7. Makeup Artist

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Makeup Artist

People with a love for beautifying things, making others feel beautiful then this can be ‘it’ for you. You can do freelance service at marriages and fashion shows or you can become the personal makeup artist for the actor. Great option for those who want to stay out of the camera but close to the limelight.

8. Chocolate Taster

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Chocolate Taster

Yess! You read it right, this IS a job. You get to eat chocolates for free, daily and get paid for it. The job requires the person to taste the batches of chocolate so as to ensure that the taste is same of every batch. Further, you get to sample the to-be-launched flavours even before they come to the market. Heaven, I know.

9. Social Media Consultant

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Social Media Consultant

Social media is the fastest growing sector in present day economy. Firms require consultants for the promotion of their products, right advertising policy and managing their pages. This also includes content writing. In short, you get money to stay online on Facebook and Twitter. Total fun!

10. Interior Designer

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Interior Designer

Another job where you are your own boss. You require only a small office to start this business; you get to shop, from someone else’s money and get paid for it, there can be nothing better than this. Once you get established in the field there is a lot of money in it too.

11. Start Your Own Business

Out of The Box Job Ideas-Start Your Own Business

Don’t find anything of your interest here? Then don’t wait for someone to start it, make what you want to happen by your own self. Spread your wings and shape up the world with your ideas, and you might become the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

Summing It Up

It’s OK to not want to follow the same path as your brother or sister, go make your own way, for when you look back once you’re old and gray, you don’t have to regret over ‘the road not taken’. Why still sitting? Try new things and come out of it with flying colours. Go get it, tiger!

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