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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea Every Day

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea Every Day

Getting fit and losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. At the same time, however, it is one of the hardest to keep up and follow through with. Whether you believe it or not, March is usually the month people start ditching their resolutions of getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What’s popular now are superfoods – quinoa, kale, etc. But if these foods don’t catch your fancy, try green tea! It is a superfood in itself and is good for much more than just weight loss. And since we’re in India, it’s only right to drink tea to be healthy. Read on to find out more about how good green tea is for you and its health benefits.

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea Every Day

1. Slows Down the Aging Process

Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea-Slows Down Ageing Process

It can slow the aging process. If you are worried about the formation of wrinkles, and premature aging, green tea is the drink for you. It is rich in anti-oxidants and prevents nasty free radicals from forming. The anti-oxidants in green tea thus help with slowing down the aging process, and helping repair other tissues in the body. Green tea bags can also be applied to the face to soothe the skin from sun damage.

2. Improves Brain Function

Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea-Improves Brain Function

It improves brain function. This tip is for the students and office workers out there. Unlike coffee and regular tea, green tea contains much lower levels of caffeine. However, the level is still high enough to improve mental concentration and alertness. The fact that it is less of a stimulant means that there is no caffeine dependency in your body, and you do not have to deal with those annoying caffeine withdrawals.

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3. Helps In Weight Reduction

Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea-Helps In Weight Reduction

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It can aid weight loss. Drinking green tea side-by-side with being on a diet, or doing an exercise routine, can help you get rid of fat faster. This is because green tea boosts your metabolism, which can help burn fat off faster in problem areas like the waist, hips, and abdomen. At the same time, remember that it will only work in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and an exercise regimen!

4. Keeps Your Brain In Good Shape

Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea-Keeps Your Brain In Good Shape

It can keep your brain in good shape. We all know prevention is better than cure. Green tea has been proven to help in preventing degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It does this by repairing damaged brain cells, as well as aiding in the generation of new ones. So, get that morning cuppa going!

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5. Fights Bad Breath And Cavities

Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea-Fights Bad Breath And Cavities

It banishes bad breath and cavities. Anti-oxidants known as catechins in green tea have been proven to have antibacterial properties. These catechins can thus kill bacteria in the mouth that create plaque, enamel decay, cavities and bad breath, leaving you with a healthy set of gums and teeth. These catechins are all-around helpful for your body in general since they also thought to have anti-viral properties.

6. Protects You From Diabetes

Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea-Protects From Diabetes

It keeps diabetes at bay. Green tea has also been linked with delaying the onset of genetic diseases like Type II diabetes, by lowering blood sugar levels. It is especially effective in regulating blood sugar levels if consumed right after meals. What’s more, it also improves digestion as well as lowers your blood pressure, which are two conditions also linked with diabetes.

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7. Provides Relief From Allergies

Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea-Protects You From Allergies

Green tea has been known to be an anti-allergenic, as it is potent in EGCG, a compound which can provide you some relief from those annoying allergies.

Summing It Up

Green tea is beneficial in so many ways. From the skin to your blood pressure, it does not seem like there can be any better drink. So, now that you are aware of all the awesome benefits of green tea, will you make the switch?

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