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7 Amazing and Unique Planets You Never Knew Exist

7 Amazing and Unique Planets You Never Knew Exist

Do you ever look up in the ‘sky full of stars’ (not in a Coldplay style I mean the actual sky full of stars) and weird stuff pop into your head? Like how the planets are all in a drunk state spinning around in ‘Platonic love’ with the Sun. Or maybe the thought of the universe as a GIANT creature and the planets, the meteors and stars are nothing but the cells of this huge creature. Or maybe some of you even believe that aliens exits (which are mostly Ancient Aliens fans). Many theories and speculations have been made till the date about the universe. Yet the universe remains good at keeping secrets. It’s so unpredictable, and perhaps that’s what makes it so intriguing. Yet stubborn scientists never give up,they’ve discovered some amazing planets we never knew exist. Let’s see what they found.

7 Amazing and Unique Planets You Never Knew Exist

1. HD 188753 AB

Amazing Planets-HD 188753 AB

Sun rise and sunsets are the most beautiful phenomenon. Each day it is different and never the same as you saw yesterday. If this is the case on earth imagine how it’s must be on planet HD 188735 AB where you can see three sunrise and sunset in a day. That’s right! The 149 light year far planet revolves around 3 parents star. This is called the triple star system. Remember the sci-fi movie Star Trek where there is a planet with 2 stars? It is like fiction come true. The strangely fascinating sunrise and sunset on this planet aren’t the only surprise. If you are lucky enough to land on this planet you’ll see three shadows of yourself and frequent eclipse. Do we need to say more how beautiful it must be? Wish life is possible on this planet.

2. 55 Cancri e

Amazing Planets-55 Cancri e

Twinkle twinkle little planet. How i wonder what you are. Up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky.

Yes I haven’t forgotten nursery rhyme lessons. It’s this planet that made me forget everything else. This gigantic ball in the up sky is 1/3rd made of “Diamonds”. Believe it or not but it is true. There is abundance of carbon on this planet at high pressure, resulting in all the sparkle. I wonder what people on this plant would have to offer when they propose. I bet diamonds on this planet wouldn’t fetch many Yeses.

3. Gliese 1214b

Amazing Planets-Gliese 1214b

Raise your hands if you have watched the movie Interstellar. Those with hands down, go watch the movie first. Then you’ll understand the gravity of the situation here. Gliese is no ordinary planet. This planet is made entirely of water. There is not a single piece of land to be seen anywhere. Its only stretch of ocean in any direction you steer. This hauntingly beautiful planet conceals icy surface down thousands of fathoms. Specialty about this ice is that it isn’t like the one you use in your drinks. This icy core of the planet is actually called Ice VII. The ice is formed by immense pressure of water above it, unlike ordinary ice that is formed due to freezing temperature. This planet simply quenched my thirst for space travel.

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4. TrES-2b

Amazing Planets-TrES -2b

If you think you aren’t afraid of dark, you might want to think twice. This planet is darkest planet we’ve ever know. The planet is so dark that it swallows 99 % of light falling on it. Don’t confuse this planet with a black hole. That’s not the only horrifying feature of this planet. This planet is so hot that it glows crimson like a red eye. It is one of the most unique planets scientist has found yet little do they know about this mysterious planet where darkness reigns. The thought of this planet gives me goose bumps.

5. Gliese 463 b

Amazing Planets-Gliese 463 b

Would it surprise you if I tell you that this planet is a gargantuan ball of snow? Well may be not. But it’ll definitely make you brainstorm when I tell you that this snow planet is constantly on fire. No I mean, literally on fire at 439 ⁰ C. Ouch! That is too hot for ice to evaporate, but how does the planet still maintain its solid shape? Here’s the fun fact. The ice never evaporates on this planet. Confused?

Secret of this amazing phenomenon is the gravity on this planet which is so high that melted water turn to solid state by compression. Now for a quick question to you all, do you wanna build a snow man? Trust me it’ll be fun, snow man on this planet wouldn’t even melt. How about that?

6. Gliese 581c

Amazing Planets-Gliese 581c

Each coin has two sides. But not each planet does the same. Exception case is this planet that is said to have two completely opposite side. One side is Hot as furnace while the other is icy cold. This is because the two in one planet doesn’t rotate on its axis. Due to which one part of the planet always faces a red dwarf star. The sky on this planet is a devilish blood red. But still scientists happen to believe that this planet may support life. But hey! Both the sides are impossible for even Bear Grylls to survive, then how can it pass the habitable test? Astronomers claim that the portion of the planet where the two opposite surfaces meet has optimum temperature to sustain life. Don’t cross any boundaries on this planet. EVER!

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7. HD 189773b

Amazing Planets-HD 189773b

I’m not singing in the rain. What an inglorious day and I’m “unhappy” again. That’s what happens 63 light years far from solar system on HD 189773b.It rains glass on this planet. The temperature on this planet condenses the silicon partials in its atmosphere that transform into solid glass. You’ll need more than a cloth umbrella if you ever happen to visit this plant.

Summing It Up

It might interest you to know that just ONE light year is approximately equals to an astounding 9.461 trillion kilometres. Hundreds of light years away these planets exist, to a distance unimaginable to mankind. It’s the power of science that leads us to these planets without a trace of footstep. Space is limitless, timeless and defines how much is infinity. Still out in the cosmos there are numerous planets yet unknown to planet earth. Tell us which planet you like the best if ever life was possible on one of these planets.

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