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4 Amazing And Best Watch Brands You Will Love To Reconsider

4 Amazing Watch Brands You Will Love To Reconsider

This is a guest post by Roman Winter, an aspiring freelance writer with a love for fashion, property and finance.

In modern society, the desire to be an individual has never been as high as it is now. Nobody wants to look the same or wear the same items as somebody else so people are looking for ways to make a statement and be separate from everybody else. In more recent times in the world of watches, the market has been flooded by smart technology with digital products dominating the younger generations buying patterns. There is no denying that the clever gadgets and all new additions are an attractive purchase but sadly it has meant that the more traditional, wonderfully crafted watches are being neglected.

Currently smart watches are simply taking away from the beauty of the technical time pieces of the world. Family brands that have stood the test of time are now being overlooked but this isn’t necessarily the ‘smart’ move to make. Like all technology, over time it becomes outdate and useless. When it comes to traditional watches, they really are an investment and the reason that they have lasted for generationsis due to the sheer timeless quality they offer. So to give you a quick refresh on some of the top watch brands you might have forgotten about, we’ve listed some makers that you definitely need to reconsider.

4 Amazing And Best Watch Brands You Will Love To Reconsider

1. The Daniel Wellington

Best Watch Brands-The Daniel Wellington

Make a style statement with Daniel Wellington. A must own item; Wellington watches perfectly marry classic themes with contemporary designs. An understated style accessory, they are a subtle wrist addition for the gentlemen of the world. The brand has soared in popularity over recent years but still remains under the radar in terms of the bigger watch brands. The beauty in this watch, over that of a smart watch, is its clever use of minimalism to give a traditional and everlasting look that goes great with a variety of outfits whether its smart dress or casual. They also come with interchangeable Nato straps, which means you can buy other reasonably priced options so you can colour co-ordinate it with whatever you wear. All of that, topped of with a clean cut, elegant face, what’s not to like. If you’re after a fancy and versatile watch, invest in a Wellington.

2. The U-Boat

Best Watch Brands-The U-Boat

Leaders in technical brilliance, U-boat are a luxury watch brand that are a crowdfavourite all over the world. Fusing high quality Swiss chronograph with amazing aesthetics, their watches allow you to express your individuality and even your status in the way a true James Bond ‘esk’ gentleman would.U-Boat watches use materials such as titanium, carbon, bronze, silver and ceramics to craft the most attractive timepieces around. Merging classic silhouettes with unique designs, their watches are synonymous with luxury, fashion and the high-end wonders of the world.The Italian watchmakers are known for their precision, chic and dependability. Practically made, they offer outfit functionality to meet a wide spectrum of events, serving as a complimentary piece to any attire you chosen to flaunt.

3. The Casio

Best Watch Brands-The Casio

Arguably the smart technology of old, Casio watches have seemingly awoken from the dead. A watch that is dominating the wrist of youth culture, young adults are seeing the Casio as a throwback to the retro times. Worn by so called ‘hipsters’, the Casio is a low priced, timelessly designed watch that is jokingly thought as of being indestructible, with people finding their old ones still working despite being kept in a draw for decades! The ‘old school’ sports watch is perfect for those who want to show their urban edge and keep on top of current trends. Ideal for day to day wear, its small digital face and its simple but essential features cover all of your needs, all whilst looking cool and classic at the same time.

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4. The Tissot

Best Watch Brands-The Tissot

When it comes to Tissot watches, emphasis is put on being a man rather than a ‘boy with a toy’. Their traditional but contemporary creations stand out in an era with smart technology dominates time management. A ‘must have’ watch in terms of reconsideration, they are the ultimate high-end sports timepiece that personifies luxury. The Tissot brand for years has made watches that are affordable to the masses, offering the less fortunate and opportunity to experience the upper class. With fantastic and charming designs, their innovative creations never fail to amaze. The stand out USP for this brand is that they really are pioneers when it comes to technological advances if that’s your temptation. Tissot created the first ever non-magnetic wristwatch, they made the first ever self-wining watch and they also created the world’s first timepiece that featured analogue and digital time. With style in abundance, it is strongly recommended that you think of this watch before you conform to the modern day tech. Capture your manliness and make the statement that will get you standing out from the crowd.

Summing It Up

So there you have it! There really is no wrong decision when it comes to picking the one you want so instead of just going with what everyone else is doing, use this article as inspiration to find your own style. They’re all top watch brands that will leave you looking like a modern, trendy gentleman so don’t overlook them when you come to make your purchase. Remember… you don’t need a smart watch in order to look smart!

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An aspiring freelance writer with a love for fashion, property and finance. He has seen his work published on several publications including MNSWR, Grooming Mail and First Time Buyers.