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9 Health Benefits Of Whisky You Must Know

9 Health Benefits of Whisky You Must Know
Statutory Warning: Alcohol consumption is injurious to health

Well, not everytime. Generally, the excess of everything is dangerous, but if anything is done or consumed in a calculated way, can have benefits too. So, till now everyone thinks that whisky is not good for health, it damages our liver and brings various other complications to our body. True!!! However, despite all the negatives you have heard till now about the whisky, it can actually have loads of benefits – provided you take the moderate quantity of the same. Therefore, today in this article, we at GyanAddict, have carefully researched and brought for you 9 health benefits of whisky you must know.

How Much Quantity Of Whisky Is Safe For Humans?

How Much Whisky is Good for Health

Before we look into the health benefits of whisky, let us have an idea as how much whisky is safe and humans can consume it without any harm.

Talking about the quantities, for women, a serving per day is recommended. However, on the other hand, men can go up to a couple of servings in a day.

9 Health Benefits Of Whisky You Must Know

Now as we know the correct quantities of whisky one should consume, let us have a look on some of the health benefits of whisky.

1. Whisky Consumption Boosts Our Memory

Whisky Sharps Memory

Yes, we are not lying, whisky do help in the boosting of your memory. In today’s busy schedule, whether you are an office worker or stays at home all the time, having a sharp memory is the mandatory thing due to increased work pressure and time limitations. So, to burgeon your memory power, consider drinking the recommended doses of whisky. The brain-protective properties in the whisky help in making our minds sharp. Moreover, the studies have also proved that the whisky reduces the risk of dementia in the humans.

2. Want To Shred Those Extra Kilos? How About A Quarter Or Two?

Whisky Reduces Weight

When compared with other alcoholic drinks, whisky has the least amount of calories. Moreover, it also helps in the suppression of our appetite, allowing us to consume less food. So, if you are on your weight loss journey, you can count on whisky and add it to your diet plan, merging with your other recommended food and exercises. But, again, we would advise that you consume only the recommended doses of whisky. 

3. Whisky Makes Our Heart Strong

Whisky Boosts Heart Health

If taken in moderate amounts, whisky promotes the heart’s health too. Whisky is loaded with antioxidants, which restrict cholesterol and plaque formation inside the body. Because of this, our blood pressure remains in the normal ranges, preventing the risk of heart diseases. 

4. Whisky Helps You To Be Less Anxious

Whisky Reduces Anxiety

There is nothing wrong in being anxious from time to time and is a completely natural phenomenon. Though, if you want to calm down your nerves without any drug, having a quarter or two of whisky is a great idea. The whisky has various ingredients that can calm you down in minutes and is totally safe. 

5. Whisky Fights Off Cancer

Whisky Fights Off Cancer

There are two prominent reasons, why whisky is good in fighting cancer. First, it has antioxidants, which neutralise the cancer-causing free radicals. Second, it has something called as ‘Ellagic Acid,’ which reduces the formation of carcinogens – a substance that is believed to develop cancer in our body.

6. Whisky Reduces The Risk Of Stroke

Whisky Reduces Stroke Risks

Consuming the recommended doses of whisky calm down the walls of blood vessels. It results in the free flow of blood and lower the chances of generating a blood clot that can cut off the blood supply to any part of your brain, causing a stroke.

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7. Whisky Improves Brain’s Health

Whisky Boosts Brain Health

Every single serving of whisky can be beneficial for your brain. The antioxidants present in whisky help the neurones in our brain from getting damaged by the presence of excessive free radicals in the body. 

8. Whisky Is Good For Digestion

Whisky Improves Digestion

If you are someone who has a long history of heartburn or indigestion after a meal, going for a serving or two of whisky will be a good way to get rid of them. The alcohol content of whisky helps in breaking down of the food and hence, improving the digestion process. Even if you do not have the history, but you feel the heartburn or indigestion after a large and heavy meal, go for whisky and get the instant relief in the same. 

9. Having Whisky Does Not Increase Your Sugar Level

Whisky Controls Sugar Levels

As whisky does not contain the carbohydrates, there is no risking of spiking sugar levels, provided you only consume the recommended doses of the same. Therefore, if you are a diabetic, whisky is a perfect drink for you, especially if you are on your weight loss journey. In this way, you can also monitor your overall carbohydrate intake. 

Summing It Up

Whisky Health Benefis

As mentioned above, 

Too much of something is not good

However, if your intake of whisky is moderate, you can have umpteen health benefits, or we should say some major health benefits. So, go ahead, have a serving or two with your friends and improve your health.

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