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8 Interesting Facts About The Internet You Must Know

8 Interesting Facts About The Internet You Must Know

From waking up in the morning to the time we go to bed in the night, internet is all around us. Whether it is the checking of our mails or even normally scrolling our Facebook timeline, almost the entire day we are connected with the internet. But do you know in just 20 years, internet has progressed by leaps and bounds. Visual.ly created an amazing inforgraphic, which shows how much time the various technologies took to reach 50 million people.

Have a look

Reaching 50 Million Users

So, where the telephone took around 75 years to reach 50 million people, internet took just four years to reach same amount of people. Moreover, it just took 35 days for Angry Birds to reach 50 million people, pretty impressive, Right!!!

Well if this is not enough for you, and not blowing your mind, we at GyanAddict have curated some of the most amazing and fun facts about the internet, which you may definitely have never heard of. So, let us have a look on those facts about the internet.

8 Interesting Facts About The Internet You Must Know

1. It’s been 24 years when the first website was created and today, there are more than 47 billion websites on the internet.
2. Internet has around 3.2 billion users, which account for 44 percent of the world’s population. Moreover, almost half of the users of internet are from Asia.

Image: WallpapersWide

3. In the year, 2015 people have sent and received around 250.6 billion emails, out of which 60 percent of mails were spam.
4. Facebook has approximately 1.49 billion users, which is more than the population of China. And every person uses the social-media site for an average of 21 minutes, who share 1.3 million parts of content every single minute.
Facebook Users

Image: de

5. Each month the visitors of YouTube view 6 billion hours of video. On the other hand, people upload over 300 minutes of video on YouTube every second. The other interesting thing is that, approximately 80 percent of YouTube visitors are from outside of US.
6. Between 5 and 10 million iOS apps are downloaded every single day. And as of June 2015, the counter for apps download crossed the 100 million mark.
iOS App

Image: BayAppStudios

7. In the year 2000, people took ‘JUST’ 86 billion photos. Just??? Yes, because by the end of 2015, we took and uploaded more than 1 trillion photos.
8. We know, you definitely liked these statistics. But wait!!! Here is more. The very famous websites, as we know – Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, etc. – account only for 1 percent of the discoverable website present over the internet. Apart for these websites, the remainders are the ‘Deep Web‘, which are not discoverable through the search engines.

So, these are some amazing and interesting facts about the Internet. We hope that you have enjoyed reading them. We at GyanAddict are constantly uploading such amazing content for you on our website, keep visitng, keep reading!!!

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