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8 Apps To Make Your Every Day More Productive

8 Apps To Make Your Everyday More Productive

In today’s fast-paced world, where everyone is running his or her own race, there are many who feel that they have too much to do, but have very less time to accomplish. But the fact is, everyone has same, the 24 hours. Then how come some people accomplish more and some less. Well, its because of their habits and other factors. However, there are various ways through which can be more productive. No, we are not saying you to change your habits or be a morning person or make the timetable or plan your day ahead. We are just saying to download some of the apps into your smartphone and use them.

In today’s time, everyone owns a smartphone. So, why not to use it fully and get the max out of it. There are so many cool apps those can increase your productivity umpteen times. Well, you may ask, there are millions of apps in the app stores, how would you know which one to download. Therefore, to simplify your work, we at GyanAddict have found out 8 apps to make your every day more productive. Do download these apps and use them and thank us later. But first let us have a look on these apps.

8 Apps To Make Your Every Day More Productive

1. Wunderlist – Your To-Do List Tracker 

If you have a habit of forgetting things, why not to make a list and set reminders for them. Yes, Wunderlist is here to help you out. It is a superb get-stuff-done app, which will allow you to make the list of your works, and set reminders for them. You can even share the list with your friends, family, colleagues or with someone else. There is also an option to sync your list with other devices, which will allow you to access your information from anywhere.


The best part, you can get this app free of cost. It means you do not have to pay anything to download the app.

This app is available on both, the iOS and Android platforms. So, just download them and get rid of the task of remembering the long to-do list.

2. GoodReader – Access All Your Documents At One Place

Facing problem in opening any document in your phone? Don’t worry, GoodReader is here as your savior. You can open, edit, and read various types of file on GoodReader, from a Microsoft Word file to a PDF file. You can even leave notes, draw something or just highlight your favorite portions of the text in GoodReader. Once you are done editing, reading, etc. store them in any cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.


Image: TechnologyTell

There is a bad news for you. If you want this app, you may have to spend $4.99. But it will be worth buying the app. So, just download it from iOS and start experiencing a hassle free document viewing.

3. Evernote – Your Virtual Notepad

Many of us have been through a situation, where we get some amazing idea or thought, which we decide to accomplish once we get time. The only mistake we do is not write them down, because we feel that it is impossible to forget it. But, just after few minutes that tragic moment comes and the idea just vanishes from your mind and never comes back.


Well, to help you out, here is an amazing app where you can compile all your amazing ideas, thoughts, plans, etc. in just one place – and not keep in mind, where you can easily forget them. Not only the text, but you can also add photos, audio files, webpages, etc. to your notes.

So, we think, this is one of the best apps to jot down your ideas as they arrive in your mind. You can even sync your accounts in various devices like computer or some tablet.

The basic version of Evernote is available free of cost.

You can easily download them from the Android or iOS app store.So, go ahead and start jotting down your creativity in the form of beautiful virtual notepad.

4. Day One – Your “Dear Diary” In A New Avatar 

Do you love capturing every single moment you spend in your “Dear Diary?” If your answer is YES, here is an amazing app, which will take your “Dear Diary” to a whole new level. Day One is an app through which you can not only write the notes, but also can capture everything about the moment. For example, the location, weather condition, or even a song you are listening to.

One Day - Your Dear Diary

Not only capturing moments, but the app also can send you a daily reminder to you to journal. Once you are done writing, you can share your moments on the Facebook or if not, just keep it as private.

You can get this amazing app by spending just $4.99.

Download Day One from the iOS now and start creating your beautiful “Dear Diary.”

5. Pocket – Save Articles Now, Read Them Later

We all have been in a situation, where you see an amazingly interesting article dying to read. But the time does not allow you to do so. Hence, in such situation, you can just save the article in the Pocket app instnatly, which you can read later in your free time. The best part is, you can even access the articles without the internet.


Pocket is available free of cost.

So, what are you waiting for, just download the Pocket from Android or iOS and starting saving articles of your interest and read them when you get time.

6. Facebook Messenger – Chat or Make Phone Calls To Your Friends

We all uses Facebook messenger for chatting. But do you know that we can also make phone calls with it. Yes, you got it right. Facebook messenger, with 700 million users as of June 2015, is one of the most downloaded and used apps. So, chat, make phone calls or even video calls, or send money, everything just via Facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger

The app is available totally free of cost.

You can easily download the app from iOS or Android market and start connecting to the people.

7. Outlook – Your Email Organizer

If your main mode of communication is via email, Outlook is one app you must use. It not only allows you to send and receive emails, but also can integrate with the Office 365, Outlook.com, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Apple’s iCloud. In this way, you can access all your messages, emails etc. at just one place.


One of the coolest thing, Outlook is available free of cost.

So, just download Outlook from the iOS or Android market and simplify your emailing process.

8. Slack – Your Office’s Social Network

Umpteen large or small multinational corporations use Slack for their internal communication. You can easily chat with your colleague in a private chat or can even make a group and have large discussions or share files. Slack is useful because it reduces the requirement of the lengthy chains of email you may have to send otherwise.


Slack is available free of cost on the app markets.

So, download the Slack now from the iOS or Android market and start your own private or group chat with colleagues and simplify your office communication.

Summing It Up

We all have 24 hours, so, it is our responsibility to get the max out of it. Download these apps, and be more productive everyday, improve your lifestyle and enjoy each and every moment of your life, because you live only once!!!

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