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7 Things You Must Never Refrigerate

7 Things You Must Never Refrigerate

When we enter our house with hands full of grocery items and other things, our first step is to rush towards the refrigerator and keep all the perishable items. We must be knowing about many things or food items should not be kept in the fridge, still avoid that. But if you actually want to preserve the benefits and touch of the items, it is better to store it in the correct way. So, here are 7 things you must never refrigerate. 

7 Things You Must Never Refrigerate 

1. Oils

Food You Must Not Refrigerate-Oil

Oils are fragile substances and to preserve its healthy properties and flavour we need to store it precisely. Oils should not be placed in the refrigerator, as it can get thicker and have ‘cloudy’ appearance inside the container. Most of the oils can stay good without being refrigerated. But if you have bought your oil in bulk then it is fine to store the rest in the refrigerator. When you need to use that oil just put in room temperature and it will be fine to cook your palatable recipes.

Oils can be of high or low saturated fat content. High saturated fat content like coconut oil. It is not needed to put them in the refrigerator. It can be stored outside for a long time. Low-fat content oil like olive oil is delicate. They need to be handled gently. It is revealed that when you refrigerate it affects the taste and texture of the oil. So it is advised to buy it in fewer quantities.

Keep the oil away from light, heat and air. As they may become rancid, may lead to unpleasant smell and taste. By keeping in a cool and dark cabinet, you can extend its life.

2. Sauces

Food You Must Not Refrigerate-Sauce

Whether it is a hot sauce or ketchup or soy sauce, if you truly want to enjoy its true tanginess better keep it in your pantry. Sauces are already consisting of preservatives, so don’t worry it will be at its best condition. No matter if it is opened or not.

We people are in a habit of grabbing sauces as soon as we are served with our favorite snacks. And the condensation can affect its taste and contingency. So to enjoy your snacks, keep the sauces in your kitchen so that you can have that deliciously spicy taste.

3. Cereals

Food You Must Not Refrigerate-Cereals

Most of the people start their day with cereals. So to have a nice start with the crisp cereals you need to store it outside the refrigerator. Cereals when kept in the fridge , can become soggy and get stale faster.

Your cereals will remain fit and will make you fit if kept at room temperature and in airtight containers in a dark place.

4. Coffee

Food You Must Not Refrigerate-Coffee

For all the coffee lovers, it’s a strict warning for you to keep your favourite coffee away from the fridge. Coffee may be crushed or in bean form should not be refrigerated. Your coffee will be happy to stay on your kitchen shelves. Coffee, when kept in a fridge, affects its aroma. Coffee has a property of absorbing the smell of the things around, that completely destroys its real essence. Also due to humidity and temperature change, leads to condensation which reduces the flavour and turns them bad.

To enjoy your home brew with your friends try to keep it in a cupboard. As coffee should be kept away from sunlight, heat, moisture and most important try to store it in small chunks in the different air tight containers.

5. Honey

Food You Must Not Refrigerate-Honey

Honey is one of the most liked ingredient present in the pantry racks. Honey is used everywhere, may it be honey with lime water or as a spread on the bread or in your face packs. Honey if refrigerated, the sugar present in it may get crystallized can thus harden it and become difficult to scoop it out. No one will like to spread such a crystallized mess on their soft bread.

Let your honey be luscious by storing it away from sunlight and at room temperature. It will remain shiny as well as healthy for a long time.

6. Batteries

Food You Must Not Refrigerate-Battery

There is a popular myth that batteries kept in the fridge last longer. This is completely incorrect, the fact is, it’s harmful if condensation results in corroded contacts or seal damage. Extreme hot and cold temperatures can reduce the performance of the batteries.Prefer buying disposable batteries in bulk and turn off the devices when not in use to stretch your battery’s life.

Prefer buying disposable batteries in bulk and turn off the devices when not in use to stretch your battery’s life.

7. Nail Polish

Food You Must Not Refrigerate-Nail Polish

Are you too picky with your shades? And your nail paints counts among your favorite cosmetics! Then you need to rush and take it out of your refrigerator right now. Your expensive and beautiful shades don’t deserve to be there. Placing the nail paints in the refrigerator can make them thick and hence difficult to apply on your nails. Also, it may be vary from the actual shades as the color seems to fade with time.

To keep the color intact, place in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight and potential sparks. And don’t forget to shake it occasionally.

Summing It Up

I hope now you are well aware of the things which needs a place in the refrigerator and which needs to stay in the pantry. And if any of the above items is sitting in your refrigerator then just get up and place in a better place.

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