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7 Foods You Must Avoid On Your Weight Loss Journey

7 Foods You Must Avoid On Your Weight Loss Journey

Your weight loss journey can be the toughest one you would ever embark on. You may have to make a lot of compromises, a lot of commitments; you may have to work on your self control and quit a lot of things. Well, it is totally up to you. If you really want to get back into a good shape, if you really want to enhance your looks and want a toned body, you have to make some compromises. As we know-

Health Is Wealth

And to maintain this wealth, not only the correct diet matters a lot, but also there are a few food items that you have to avoid completely. Therefore, in this article, I’ve penned down 7 foods you must avoid on your weight loss journey. So, fasten your seat belts, and read on to lose those extra kilos from your body.

7 Foods You Must Avoid On Your Weight Loss Journey

When it comes to weight loss mission, there are a variety of foods, for example, veggies, fruits and lean meats, which will help you in shedding your weight. On the other hand, if there are good ones, then there are bad ones too. So, let us have a look on those bad ones who are not your friend but are enemies for your health.

1. Packaged Foods

Packaged Foods

Ready -to-eat, processed or packaged foods are liked by the masses because they take less time to get ready. However, no matter how much less time they take, these foods are loaded with calories and are made via the process that makes these foods unhealthy to consume. Hence, it is advisable that you avoid them, if you are following a weight loss diet.

2. Beans & Nuts

Beans & Nuts

The second in the list are your favorite pass time snacks and hunger saviors, Beans & Nuts. The majority of us have the habit of eating nuts like the cashews and other related food to carve our hunger, especially when we have less time for a proper meal. But to our surprise, these nuts do more harm than good. Our body does not have enzymes those can digest these nuts and beans, therefore, the gut bacteria have to do the task of digesting them. Hence, avoid going with beans & nuts and instead you can have a fruit-bowl or something related to it.

3. Green Salad Substitutes

Green Salad Substitutes

If you are tired of eating the green salad, there are chances you may go for coleslaw just to add a little taste. However, before you do that, we want you to be cautious. Reason? The coleslaw consists of the uneven calorie counts and the fatty mayonnaise. So, calculating it, you can consume around 260 calories in a single serving. Therefore, going with the coleslaw as substitute for green salads is not a great idea.

4. Foods With High Saturated Fat Content

Foods With High Saturated Fat Content

As the name suggests, Saturated Fat, hence, you must completely avoid foods that are rich in the same. The foods rich in saturated fats have high cholesterol levels and inflammation. You may even have clogged arteries, if you will not stop eating the foods rich in saturated fats. Some of the examples of the foods having high saturated fat include butter, coconut, baking chocolate, cheese, creams and many more.

5. Foods Having High Carbs Content

Foods Having High Carbs Content

To reduce weight fast, you must have the balance of good and bad bacteria inside your gut. However, consuming more carbs content foods may disrupt this balance, which can trigger inflammation, causing you to gain weight instead of losing it. A few of the foods rich in carbs include sugars, sugar syrups, candies, dried fruits, for example dried apples, snacks and many more.

6. Foods Rich In Trans Fat

Foods Rich In Trans Fat

The other type of fat you must avoid is the Trans fat. There are possibilities that you may not find the trans fat content in a food, until you check the labels carefully on the packaging. How harmful is trans fat? The answer is, ALOT. Trans fat is a kind of toxic fat, which can burgeon your bad cholesterol levels, along with causing a severe damage to your blood vessels. Avoid eating french fries, pies, margarine sticks, pancakes, waffles and many more, if you do not want to increase the levels of trans fats in your body.

7. Foods With High Levels of Lactose

Foods With High Levels of Lactose

Milk and other dairy products have a high lactose content, which can cause damage to your gut. You may not aware of the fact that the lactose is primarily digested in the small intestine with the help of an enzyme called Lactase. Hence, some people’s bodies do not possess this enzyme, which clearly means that the lactose inside your body will never be digested. It means the burgeoned weight.

So, these were the foods that you must not eat, if you are planning to lose your weight. Remember those “few first steps” are the hardest one. But once you adapt to the situation, you can easily avoid eating those foods that are not healthy and can be an obstacle in your weight loss journey.


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