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7 Advanced Google Chrome Featues You Did Not Know

7 Advanced Features Of Google Chrome You Need To Know

Almost every internet user in this world uses Google Chrome. With more than a billion customers to its name, Chrome is one of the most successful products of Google since its invention in the year 2008. From the beginning, Chrome is known for its ease of use and being the lightweight browser. However, many of you may not know, but Chrome do have some advanced hidden features, which are outstanding. So, to make you aware, today, we have penned down 7 advanced Google Chrome features you did not know. Let us have a look into it.

7 Advanced Google Chrome Featues You Did Not Know

1. Want To See A Video? Google Chrome Is Here

Yes, you heard it right. You can use your Chrome as a media player and can easily view umpteen common videos, audios, and photos in the browser itself. Doing so will save your time and reduce the trouble to install or launch a separate app to play media.

How To Use Google Chrome As Video Player

How To Do This?

To view a video, photo or listen to an audio, just drag the file into a new blank tab. Once done, the file will automatically start playing. Though you do not have much of the media controls, but you do have the basic playback controls, an option to go for a full-screen with a click, and the volume slider.

2. Browse Your Computer Using Chrome

Well, this is one feature you may not use much over your default operating system, but you do not know when you may have to take a backup of your important files. Hence, in such critical situations, Chrome can be too much helpful and act as a rudimentary browser for your files.

How To Use Google Chrome As A Windows Explorer

How To Do This?

If you are a Windows user, just type in ‘C:\‘ in the address bar or if you are a Mac user ‘file:///‘ will do the work for you. Once you enter it, the C: drive and all the files will be just in front of you. Not only this, you can also perform this method to open the supported files.

3. View Text Or PDF Files In Chrome

Another important and useful feature that Chrome gives us is the support to text or PDF files. Though the PDF can take a little extra time to open because of it being the less lightweight as compared to the text files, the file viewing in Chrome can be extremely handy.

How To Use Google Chrome As A PDF or Text Viewer

How To Do This?

To do so, just drag and drop the file into a new tab of Chrome and view the file. In the case of PDF files, you can even zoom in or out into the files, save or print them too.

4. Do Not Want To Sync Everything? It’s OKAY

One of the best advantages of Google Chrome is that it binds all your bookmarks, browsing history, etc. perfectly with the Google services across all the devices. Although, if you do not want to sync everything or you want different sets of sync for your home and office, Chrome gives you an option to do so.

How To Change Sync Settings in Google Chrome

How To Do This?

To create different sets of sync, one for home and other for office, for example, just follow these steps:

Go to Settings Advanced Sync Settings Choose what to sync

5. Want To Know The Meaning Of A Word? Just Double-click On It

The Chrome’s app market stores loads of useful extensions that enhance the functionality of Google Chrome. One such extension, which is extremely useful, is the Google Dictionary. If you want to look into the meaning of any word in Chrome, just add the extension. This extension is extremely useful in those situations, where you instantly wants the definition of a word without interrupting your flow of work.

How To Check Meanings in Google Chrome

How To Do This?

To get this feature in your Chrome, download the extension ‘Google Dictionary’ from the app market. Once downloaded, just select any text on the web and click on the Google Dictionary extension to see the definition. You even get some external links to get more information about the word.

6. Let Other People Use Your Device, Keeping All Your Info Safe – Enable Guest Browsing Option

If anyone wants to borrow your device and you do not want to share your browsing history, saved passwords, or your Facebook account, etc., just enable the Guest Mode in your Chrome browser.

How To Enable Guest Browsing in Google Chrome

How To Do This?

To enable the Guest Mode in your browser, follow these steps:

Go to Settings > People > Check ‘Enable Guest Browsing’

Once done, you can any time enable the guest browsing by just clicking on your username, which is at the top right position, and opt for ‘Switch Person.

7. Want To Perform Simple Maths? Why to Open Calculator, Do It In Omnibox

If you urgently want to perform some maths calculations and do not feel like opening a calculator, then don’t worry, because you can do this in the Chrome’s omnibox or the address bar itself. Not only the mathematical calculations but also the basic unit conversions like, temperature, lengths, etc. can be done in here.

How To Perform Math Operations in Google Chrome

How To Do This?

To perform any calculations or conversions in the Chrome, just type the query in the address bar. For example, if you want to multiply two numbers, just type in the address bar –


and your answer will be in front of you. You do not even have to press enter to look for the answer. On the other hand, if you want to do some conversions, like feet to inches, just type in –

num_1 feet to inches

and you can get the answer below it.

Check it out, its fun and quick to perform the calculations from the address bar of Chrome. No extensions or apps are required to do the calculations. Just type in and get your answer.

Summing It Up

These Google Chrome tricks again proved the importance of browser. In various situations, especially, when you are short of time, these Google Chrome tips can be extremely useful and handy. For example, to do a quick math or to check the definition of any word, these methods can be a big time saver.

Hope you have liked all the tips and tricks of Google Chrome, do share your views in the comments.

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