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5 Reasons Why You Must Avoid Being Materialistic

5 Reasons Why You Must Avoid Being Materialistic

In today’s society, it is safe to say that everyone is materialistic to a certain extent. That maybe from buying clothes of the same brand to having 5 to 6 sports car. Life is much more than the rupee notes and the things that money can buy.

Have you ever thought of a life where you are not being obsessed about your things’ possessions? I am not telling you to become a monk, but only to shift your focus from ‘things’ to work, relationship, friends, volunteering or whatever you feel.

To proceed with such a less materialistic life here are 5 reasons why you must avoid being materialistic.

5 Reasons Why You Must Avoid Being Materialistic

1. Your Status Is In You, Not In Your Assets

Avoid being materialistic-1

Its true that people know you by your profession or money. But don’t fall in the game that decides people’s worth by their bank balance. There are many people who have lesser income but are comparatively smarter and better to the rich ones. Earning loads of money is not a necessity. Take it as a challenge for yourself. Don’t let it decide ones worth.

Build intangible assets like time management, understanding and learning to replace the physical ones. Have connections with all the social layers, which will help you to get out of your materialistic behavior.

2. Learn To Give

Avoid being materialistic- Learn to donate

Materialism can be detailed as having an unhealthy attachment to things.

There must be several useless things which are simply settled in your store room for a long time. And as you are too obsessed with them, you are not ready to trash the same. Try to break that attachment. Give away your old things.

At the time of giving you may feel that you might need it sometime in the future. But the fact is that you have not used it for so many days and even if you need it, you will find some other alternatives.

So, don’t hesitate to serve the poor. Send gifts to your loved ones. And don’t forget that giving makes us happy.

3. Find A New Purpose

Avoid being materialistic- find purpose in life

Have you ever thought what emotional needs are you trying to satisfy by being materialistic? The reason for it is believed to be the voids in your life. People try to fill those voids by surrounding them with numerous things.

Internal voids cant be filled with external things. Voids in life are meant to be filled with love and happiness not money or things. Things don’t make people happy. Thus, try to find your purpose which will make you. Try to find a new activity which will occupy you brain and bring happiness. Fix a goal, get some responsibilities.  Feel free to do what you like except loving things! Do anything that makes you happy. And obviously, this is the best way to fill the voids.

4. Go For Comfort Not Materialism

Avoid being materialistic- find comfort

Understand the difference between comfort and excessive luxury. You must be knowing about the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. We have got some basic needs and it is necessary to fulfill them. Also there is no wrong wishing for a comfortable life. Know the difference between the boundaries of being and not being materialistic. Its good to have a home but rushing for having a new one and then one more new one is not good.

5. You Can’t Take It With You

Avoid being materialistic- you cannot take money to heaven

I hope later you don’t want to regret for being materialistic, and think you could have been someone better. Change your priorities. Think when you will be at your deathbed, what will you recall from your entire life? Of course, you are not going to count how many houses and sports car you are having, and plan how to take that with you to the Heaven. You will remember all the beautiful memories of your life. And for this to happen, you need to create various sweet memories. Make your life much more than only having giant assets. Fill it with sundry activities to feel delighted.

Summing It Up

To discover the best of you, you actually need to stop being materialistic. You need to understand that its only your attitude and skills which defines you. Improve yourself and get over the desire for material possessions. At last, I would suggest to  

Collect Moments, Not Things

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