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5 Important Features That iPhone Lacks

5 Features that iPhone Lacks

In today’s time, owning an iPhone proves that you are rich and stylish. The design and features of the same showcase the luxury. You just cannot buy an iPhone, you have to earn it. However, is it worth buying an iPhone and spend all your earnings on this device? Well, if you have decided to go for it, just have a look on some of the important features that iPhone lacks. Here at GyanAddict, after a thorough research, we have made a list of some of the most important features, that you can find in any cheap and best phone, but not in iPhone. So, here are 5 important features that iPhone lacks. Check it out, before you crunch your teeth!

5 Important Features That iPhone Lacks

1. Disappointing Battery Life

Features iPhones Lack-Disappointing Battery Life

Battery has always been the issue with these expensive iPhones. Unlike android, the iPhone may not last from sunrise to sunset. It does not cooperate when you are in need. Hence, if your job demands frequent mobile phone usage, then going with the iPhone will not be a good idea. 

2. Flash

Features iPhones Lack-No Flash Player

Here we are not talking about the camera flash but about the technology. Flash is necessary to view fully Flash web sites, watching Flash video and having Flash helps user have access to a lot of things that otherwise wouldn’t have possible.Apple devices cannot play Flash games. This is true! Fortunately, there are over 50,000 games and entertainment titles on the App Store, and many of them are free. There are more games and entertainment titles available for iPhone than for any other platform in the world. So, if you want to use the apps or games that support flash, you can download third party apps like Skyfire and iSwifter. 

3. Controlling Phone from PC

Features iPhones Lack-iPhone to PC connectivity

There are a few apps in Android that allows a user to control his Android phone from a PC. In iOS, yes one can definitely VNC his iPhone, but it will not be the same as using a separate app.

4. App installation

Features iPhones Lack-App Installations

When it comes to mobile ecosystems, there are two giants locked in a battle, not only for revenue, but also for the hearts and minds of developers and consumers alike. They are of course Google and Apple.  In iOS, one can install an app either by downloading it from App Store or plug it into iTunes to sync them. But in case of Android market one can instantly install the app just by clicking the install button. That makes it easy for buyers to decide which one to choose from.

5. App integration

Features iPhones Lack-App Integration

Life becomes easy when using SMS, Custom Phone, voicemail on an android device, which   you won’t find in I Phone platform. If one wants to use Google Voice full time, he has to navigate himself. Where in android  when a user clicks a phone number in his browser or in Google Maps, it goes through Google Voice instead of sending him to the wrong dialer.

Summing It Up

With Apple’s eco system improving all of the time, an iPhone isn’t just about the handset, but how it plays and interacts with other devices.The interface is just wonderful. It is much better than anyone had expected it to be and much more user friendly.All this and the phone manages to stay very slim and not too large.The bad part is that there are many features that are missing.

With that, we end with mixed feelings. While the iPhone is just remarkable in what it does, the lack of key features may be a turn off for some users.

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