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16 Superstitions And Theories Behind Them

16 Superstitions And Theories Behind Them

With time, we tend to get rid of everything that seems to be outdated, be it our clothes, hairdo or vocabulary. Does this habit ever strike a chord in your mind that some beliefs or rather superstitions do lose their very essence with years?  At GyanAddict, we started researching about and interpreting some of the very common myths that shackle our thoughts. Here, is a list of 16 Superstitions And Theories Behind Them that will help you decide what you should follow and what you shouldn’t.

By no means, this article is a mockery of our rich cultural heritage. In fact, we are blessed that our saints and intellectual personalities were actually great scientist who knew how to carve large uneducated masses into civilized and healthy people. This article is an explanation of some of the traditions that we follow, some of which need to be discarded right now, while others still need to be retained within some sections of the society.

1. Do not wash your hair on certain days

The theory is a great way to save water. People would not be able to exploit the water resources daily, out of fear of some supernatural powers. Thus, less water pollution.


2. Cutting nails or sweeping the floor after sunset brings bad luck

In ancient days, there were no sufficient lights post sunset. The pieces of nails might get into food or hurt someone, if cut in the dark. Also, sweeping the floor after sunset may cause loss of some precious materials from home. So both of the activities were prohibited saying that Goddess Lakshmi gets infuriated by doing so. Now, which Indian would want to do that?

3. Spilling salt on the floor will make you pick each grain with your eye-lashes when you reach heaven

Unlike the present time, salt used to be a rare commodity. So to stop people from wasting, the idea was brought up.


4. If you kill a snake you have to donate a gold snake in temples

Snake, of course, is a dreadful species and people will try to kill as many as possible for the sake of their safety. But snakes maintain the balance of the food chains and ecosystem by consuming creatures like rodents. So to stop man from ruining the arrangement of nature, such a belief was made popular.

5. A pregnant lady cannot wash hair

For heaven’s sake, this has nothing to do with the baby’s health! In earlier days, everyone had to go to rivers and lakes to bathe. Moreover, ladies with long hair had to bend down for a longer time to clean their hair. It might suffocate the baby in the womb. Also, there are chances that a pregnant lady might slip near the water-body, leading to a miscarriage. So why not to prohibit a hair wash during entire pregnancy to minimize the risks?

6. A pregnant lady should not cut any vegetable or fruit that’s round in shape

A hormone called Relaxin is secreted during pregnancy to facilitate childbirth. The hormone makes a woman clumsy and the grip over things tends to become loose, as compared to normal conditions. Moreover, the traditional joint family system needed too many veggies or fruits to support a meal. This might lead a woman to lose control and hurt herself with a knife. Hence, a superstition originated.


7. During menstruation or after childbirth a woman cannot enter the kitchen

The sole purpose of crafting such a belief is to let a woman rest during her bad days.

8. Eating curd and sugar before leaving home for some good work

Curd lessens the ill-effects of scorching heat while sugar keeps the energy levels high. So, never forget to have your portion of curd-sugar next time you go out in the sun.

9. Do not click pictures of a newborn baby

The old time cameras could click good photos only with flash. A newborn may get startled by such a powerful light source. So baby photography was considered an ill omen.


10. You should stop going out of home a few days before marriage, warna nazar lag jayegi

Before marriage, the bride and the groom are usually too excited and too dreamy or rather ignorant of the world around them. This paves a way for some minor or major accidents. So going out of home few days before marriage is a restricted affair.

11. Fasting on particular days fetches the best husband

Well, this has got nothing to do with a flawless husband. But fasting makes a woman more stronger and tolerant to thrive without food for days. Thus, she could survive in the harsh social set-up of ancient days.

12. A woman should wear some jewellery as a symbol of being married

There were no banks in earlier times. Women were even not allowed to interfere in financial matters of the house. The jeweleries would be her sole assets, which she could use in times of adversities. So making a woman wear managalsutra, bangles, toe-rings etc. was made compulsory. It has got nothing to do with the lifespan of a husband.


13. A child’s hair have to be shaved at a certain age

Doing this will neither pacify a hyper-active child nor keep the bad spirits away, but the new hair that grow are stronger and of a better quality than the one which he/she carried from the womb.

14. Walking under a ladder brings bad luck

It is quite easy to understand that when a person walks under a ladder, there are risks involved. The ladder may fall on the walking person or a person climbing the ladder might accidentally drop something harmful. Of course, it will be a bad incident to be struck by any such possibilities.

15. Eating non-veg food on certain days is prohibited

If you are a non-vegetarian, you cannot claim to be a vegetarian on certain days. The sole purpose of the rule is to teach people how to practice self-control.


16. No cutting nails, shaving or cutting hair for few days, if a close relative has died

It is a good practice in our culture that people come and stay with the family members of the dead person for few days. That is a time when the family members are in deep sorrow and cannot arrange for the unproductive works of the guests like personal grooming needs. Hence, it is a custom curated by our ancestors in order to give less pain to the family members.

We cannot compel anyone to stop following their beliefs or traditions. But as socially aware citizens, we can enlighten ourselves with what is logical and take tiny steps to uplift our society. God can never be enraged by His own creations over petty issues. Ask questions.

More than being superstitious, be a Human being. Not eating non-veg on a certain day might not affect your Karma-Marksheet, but helping a hungry kid will…….

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