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10 Most Exotic Wedding Destinations Of India

10 Most Exotic Wedding De10 Most Exotic Wedding Destinations Of Indiastinations Of India

“Marriages are made in heaven” but down here we humans also have the responsibility to fulfill this ritual, the priceless moment in everyone’s life. Everyone wants it to be the most memorable moment in their life because it happens once in a lifetime.

Everyone, especially, the bride and the groom wants that all the things should be perfect on that day from their clothes to decorations to menu and even the poses that their bridesmaids make while taking the pictures. But the wedding is incomplete without the most important thing,  the “Perfect venue or destination,” as it adds extra stars in the wedding. The beautiful surroundings make your wedding more beautiful. If the wedding happens in the place where not only the decorations will be complementary but also the ambience. 

Our country is full of divine and beautiful places which can become your perfect wedding destination. So, here are 10 most exotic wedding destinations of India, which will make your “I DO” moment more special.

10 Most Exotic Wedding Destinations Of India

1. Udaipur

Best Wedding Destinations in India-Udaipur

Tying the knot on the most romantic spot of India is a pure bliss. The most beautiful and stunning place in Rajasthan. It is also known as the “City of Lakes”. Just imagine your wedding amidst the lakes.
The city has regal palace buildings which will make you feel royal. The Leela, The Taj, forts like Devigarh, Manek Chowk are some of the exotic locations which will be perfect for your wedding.

2. Kerala

Best Wedding Destinations in India-Kerala

It is “God’s own Country” and if you will take your vows in the God’s presence it will make your wedding more memorable. Varkala, Kovalam, Munnar or Kochi fort will be the perfect places for your wedding in Kerala. These places will give you the memories forever.

3. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Best Wedding Destinations in India-Andaman&Nicobar Islands

If you want an island wedding there’s no better place than Andaman & Nicobar Island. It offers you exotic sea beaches which will add glitters to your wedding. The soothing and pleasing climate of these islands is excellent for your romantic getaway.

The Ross or the Havelock Island or the Corbin’s Cove beach are the perfect venues to start a new life and relationship.

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4. Shimla

Best Wedding Destinations in India-Shimla

A place which is surrounded with snow capped Himalayan peaks and green pastures. It is one of the popular wedding destinations in India. Apart from the people, nature and mountains will also be the witness of your wedding!
Peaceful environment, breathtaking scenery will simply make your wedding memorable. The Raddison hotel and Woodville Palace are the popular venues in Shimla for wedding.

5. Goa

Best Wedding Destinations in India-Goa

The place with most beautiful beaches will give you the everlasting memories of your wedding. Taking vows amidst the sun dawn will be the perfect picturesque. Wedding in Goa is like experiencing fairy tale weddings in real life. This location is considered as one of the best places to get hitched because of the pleasant and romantic atmosphere. Resorts like Park Hyatt, Radisson are amongst the popular resorts where couples want to get married.

6. Agra

Best Wedding Destinations in India-Agra

Image Source:dotdusk

Getting married in the place which itself is known for the Symbol of Love will make your wedding heavenly and everlasting. Agra is known for its “Taj Mahal” which is the symbol of eternal and passionate love of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz and what will be more exciting if one take the pledges of their new relationship with the symbol of love in the backdrop.

The city has many grand hotels and resorts looking across the Taj. The city is blended with the Mughal and the Brij culture. It will also offer pleasant ambience for your wedding.

7. Neemrana Fort

Best Wedding Destinations in India-Neemrana Fort

Neemrana is a beautiful place where history has marked lot of beautiful memories. It is a place located near Gurgaon which is an ideal location for tying the knot. Wedding at this location would leave the bride and groom with many lovely moments that they would remember forever.

8. Hyderabad

Best Wedding Destinations in India-Hyderabad

It is the city if Nizams and pearls. Hyderabad is the perfect place for the couples those who want grand and royal style wedding. The city will offer you a “King Style and “King Size” wedding. Palaces like Taj Falaknuma, Chowmallah Palace are the most popular palaces for organizing the wedding. Wedding in this city will make your dream come true.

9. Rishikesh

Best Wedding Destinations in India-Rishikesh

Image Source: WeddingSutra

Tying the knot on the banks of Holy River Ganga will give you a special feeling. The city will offer you a picturesque locale and a pleasant setting to create new beginnings.

10. Gujarat

Best Wedding Destinations in India-Gujarat

From a royal wedding to contemporary one, Gujarat will offer you best places for your wedding. Gujarat is a colorful and vibrant city which will make your wedding glittery. The royal forts with pleasant weather will make your wedding memorable.

So, just unite the romance with travel and create everlasting memories!

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